Yoga Style Guide Page 2

Power Yoga

This is one of the many forms of yoga that is derived from Ashtanga yoga. It is all about getting fit and including only the minimum spirituality and mind related exercises. For those of you that are purely interested in the physical benefits of yoga, this is the kind of yoga that you should go in for. Click here to learn more about Power Yoga.


Sivananda Yoga

The exact opposite of Power Yoga would have to be Sivananda Yoga. This is the form of yoga that you would want to incorporate if you would like to work on achieving sound mind and peace from within, and working your way into getting physically fit from here. Everything from eating right to breathing techniques and effective asanas are covered in this form of yoga. Click here to learn more about Sivananda Yoga.


Integral Yoga

Integral yoga derives its name from the fact that it aims to integrate the body, mind and the spirit. By working on physical fitness and mental well being, you can be more effective and reach your target fitness levels in shorter periods of time. Using your senses optimally is how you would be able to achieve this, and essentially be able to make yoga into something that would be a wholesome endeavor. Click here to learn more about Integral Yoga.


Kripalu Yoga

A close alternative of Integral Yoga, Kripalu Yoga is an integration of yoga where the primary focus is to solve troubles of the mind and secondary emphasis is placed on physical wellbeing. By successfully blocking out all negative thoughts and energy in multiple areas within the body, there will be more positive energy that can help you achieved the levels of fitness that you are in a pursuit of. Click here to learn more about Kripalu Yoga.


Forrest Yoga

This is the modern variation of yoga as perceived by the western world. It was envisioned by the individual Ana Forrest. It is quite physically intense and heavily emphasizes the different asanas and techniques that are found in Vinyasa Yoga. The specialty of this yoga is the unique mix of Native American beliefs with traditional yoga beliefs to develop a unique kind of fitness routine. If you want a hybrid variant of yoga, this would have to be the one. Click here to learn more about Forrest Yoga.


Bikram Yoga

This is an interesting variation of yoga as you might know it. It uses a lot of principles of traditional yoga with one minor change – defining the environment where the yoga is done. Hence, this is the different part of Bikram Yoga. All the exercises are carried out in a controlled environment with a temperature setting of 105 degree Fahrenheit and humidity maintained at 40%. If you have ever doubted the traditional beliefs of yoga, this is something that you would most certainly want to give a try. Click here to learn more about Bikram Yoga.


Jivamukti Yoga

With a name that literally means liberation while living, one would expect this to be more about happy living and associated mental wellbeing rather than anything to do with getting physically fit and being able to get a lean body. This is partially true, because Jivamukti Yoga is also about retaining interest in your workout as no two classes are going to be the same and you can expect to get some good results by just being faithful to your routine. Click here to learn more about Jivamukti Yoga.