Vinyasa Yoga

If you are someone who likes to practice fitness routines by means of incorporating smooth movements and would like to work at your own pace, then Vinyasa Yoga is the form of yoga for you. This is probably one of the smoothest kinds of yoga that is out there, and is ideal for those who are not in a hurry to get fit or are in any desperate requirement to look like a million bucks. If you think that fitness is something that should have a level of comfort attached to it, then this is the perfect form of yoga for you to incorporate.


Smooth movements of Vinyasa Yoga

To begin with, Vinyasa Yoga is all about the smooth shift in movements. Hence, when you perform an asana or strike a pose, the instructor that you are with will either instruct you to shift to the next pose upon exhaling or simply change your stance on the next inhalation. Thus, depending on the rate of your breathing, you are encouraged to perform exercises accordingly and soon enough, you will be able to get to a comfortable rhythm and benefit significantly from this kind of exercise. Hence, it is a great way to incorporate yoga in your fitness routine, especially if you have never tried it out previously.

There are a number of asanas that Vinyasa Yoga is known to make a part of your fitness routine. Some of the famous poses which are a part of this form of yoga include the cat-cow stretch and the sun salutation sequence. As one can imagine, this is quite a challenging form of yoga and as you climb up the level of complexity, it is only going to get tougher. Hence, you should be ready for a challenge and not be afraid to try out new things, which is essentially what yoga is after all about.


Vinyasa Yoga integrates exercise and stretching

With Vinyasa Yoga, you will be involved in more than just basic stretching. Unlike certain forms of yoga, which places heavy emphasis on stretching your body, this form of yoga attempts to involve you in a motion that begins with a stretch and terminates into a complete exercise. Hence, this is not something that you would to simply try unless you are truly up for it. A lot of patience is required in order to understand this form of yoga and truly master it. Thus, this yoga requires you to carefully understand the different aspects about working with your body, and not just rush into something.

As you evolve, you will notice that the complexity of the motions is increasing and soon enough, you might be doing a truly complex multi level exercise. At this point, you can be assured that your fitness levels will really be high and probably close to the level of your instructor. Firm belief and dedication is required in order to benefit from Vinyasa Yoga. Many skeptics who have tried this form of yoga eventually changed their mind about their beliefs regarding it and became staunch followers, improving their fitness and health levels along the way.


Customize your pace with Vinyasa Yoga

The best part of Vinyasa Yoga is the fact that you are not pressured to perform at a certain rapid pace and depending on what you are comfortable with, you can stick with it. The instructor can teach a lot of different asanas and poses, but unless you are able to grasp the fundamental ones, you cannot progress to the next level. Hence, only when you truly master a certain pose can you go to the next higher level. Without having learnt the basic techniques, it is almost impossible to progress in this type of yoga. However, progression in complexity of asanas is not mandatory to become fit.


The fundamental poses of Vinyasa Yoga

It is also plausible that your instructor might tell you to cycle through your vinyasas, which basically means that you should complete the fundamental Vinyasa exercise. This includes the plank, chaturanga and the upward facing dog. This would be the asanas that would constitute the sun salutation sequence that has been mentioned previously. Every single asana mentioned, if done in the right order, has multiple benefits associated with it. Hence, you would want to try and benefit from all of them so that you don’t have anything to worry about when you are trying out something different to be fit.


Freedom to interpret with Vinyasa Yoga

The strong aspect of Vinyasa Yoga lies in the fact that it is open to interpret and to master it, you don’t have to follow any fixed rules. The core principles and beliefs are defined, and you just have to devise a routine that is in agreement to these principles and suitable for your capabilities. As you improve, you can tailor and customize it in order to suit you better. This open interpretation helps student get creative and learn the true secrets of fitness, and not what others might be dictating to you.

Hence, because of this nature of Vinyasa Yoga, no two instructors are going to be teaching you the same things and in many cases, you might be learning different approaches for the same results. Hence, it is advisable to stick to one guru or instructor that can guide you to attain higher levels of fitness and health, which is after all what you might be after. At first, it might seem like an impossible task to master, but with time, you should be able to understand the techniques that you can use in order to get there.


Is Vinyasa Yoga right for you

The ultimate question that you might have in mind now would be whether or not Vinyasa Yoga is the thing for you. The answer to this is not quite as simple as you might think of it to be. There are so many things out there that can dictate how fitness should be done. But, if you feel that the principles are not the kind of things that are comfortable for you, then you don’t have to follow them. As long as you are not torturing your body in an attempt to lose weight and get fit, you shouldn’t really be concerned about your approach to getting healthier.