Nancy Owens

Nancy has a Masters of Science degree from C.W.Post/LIU in Special Education and a Bachelor of Arts from Adelphi University in Humanities as well as numerous certifications and many hours of post-graduate study related to the teaching of children with learning differences.   

She also has a 500 Hour Yoga Certification from the Yoga Teacher Training Institute on Long Island, as well as numerous certifications and post-graduate studies in both yoga and meditation. She has been the director of Less Stress Yoga since 2000.

Content Posted by Nancy Owens

Lake Guided Meditation Class

// //                 A lake is an expense of water, whose silent strength over time errodes away earth and rock. Yet the waters of a lake is accomindating. Parting and making room for anything that lies down in it’s water. In this ly...

Mountain Guided Meditation Class

// //                 The mountain is the symbol for the prime acess meditation point of the world. Thoughout time people all over the world have sought out mountains for protection, spirtual guidence and renewal. The nature of the moun...