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Christine Stump, RYT, has practiced yoga for 14 years, meditation for 25 and taught for 6, and now specializes in creating and supporting home practice for dedicated yogis. Home practice is by far the most effective way to engage the transformation of yoga, and joining the depth of daily, self-directed practice with regular consultation from Christine as a seasoned teacher helps her students sustain and integrate the revelations of home practice throughout their lives.

Having studied multiple styles of yoga, Christine now teaches Hatha yoga with a meditative focus. Individualization of the practice is the key to rapid and systemic results, more than adherence to any system, and the study of multiple traditions of both yoga and meditation informs all of her teaching.  Private sessions are conducted in person at the student’s practice space to fully access sense memory and can be skillfully conducted by video conferencing.

Christine designed and taught a ground breaking experimental yoga class which demonstrated health benefits beyond what had been predicted for a 12 week series of twice weekly, 90 minute basic yoga classes. Her upcoming ebook on home practice draws from these classes and teaches you how to build your practice from the ground up.

Christine shares information about the transformative practices of yoga and meditation with wild abandon. Learn more about yoga practice at, and about integrating an array of transformative practices into your life at

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Living The Yoga Lifestyle

When you do yoga regularly, your relationship to your body changes. You begin to uncover secrets your body has held for you, truths your body has saved for you and experiences your body has wanted for you. As you begin to experience your body as a partner and a story you can listen to, you begin to realize that you have all sorts of connections you want to attend. The food you put in your body begins to matter. The clothes you place on your back, the mat you face each morning all begin to take on new meaning and importance. The air you so mindfully breathe becomes not only more precious but more interesting and more deserving of your care.

Learning How to Breathe

Many of us come to yoga because we’re looking for fitness in every area of our lives, something bigger than ourselves to unify all the urges and strivings of our daily life and our nightly loves. We’re looking for something to show us how to live, and when we find yoga we sigh a big exhale of relief because it feels like we’ve found that compass we’ve needed for so long, and we’re amazed and in awe because it turns out it wasn’t bigger than us, it wasn’t outside us; it was with us all along.

The Meaning of OM

The syllable “om” can be chanted to open or close class, as part of a longer chant or on its own, and it is the story of all stories: the beginning, middle and end. Just as Catherine Burns, Artistic Director of “The Moth” Storytelling podcast and hour says in a recent interview in Spirit Magazine, “The process of putting your life in order with a beginning, middle, and end forces you to see cause and effect. And it can actually be empowering to see that you do have more control over your life than you think.”

How to Choose a Yoga Instructor

Choosing a yoga instructor depends on more than simply certification or competence, though those are a good baseline. Once you’re certain that an instructor is certified and competent, you’ll want to take into account style, tone, class size, and your personal basic requirements.

Practicing Yoga at Home vs Classes

Yoga has come a long way from the days when you had to travel far and wide to places difficult to find and hope that a teacher would dispense wisdom and unlock the secret of life for you. In some cities, there’s a yoga studio every few blocks and you can take yoga classes online in your living room. You can even have a private lesson via webcam without ever leaving your home! What is the best balance of home versus class practice? What is the best way to structure a home practice? And do you need a teacher?

Yoga Teacher and Student Relationship

There are various yoga schools of thought and each one practices yoga a little differently. Learn about each yoga style and find the one that's right for you. There are various yoga schools of thought and each one practices yoga a little differently. Learn about each yoga style and find the one that's right for you.

The Beginners Guide to Starting Yoga

The most important question in planning and beginning any endeavor is to know and understand your motivation. As with all sparkling, new ideas that can motivate us to imagine ourselves and our lives different, better and more, once underway the difficulties of the everyday routine will begin to assert themselves. Knowing why you’re changing your routine is the key to long-term success. One of the magical things about yoga is that whether your motivation is a great rear view or ultimate enlightenment, the practice of asana - or yoga poses - will not only meet your needs when done intelligently, but will deepen your motivation over time. The most important thing is to be clear and honest with yourself about your real reason for coming to the mat.

Yoga for Teens

Teen yoga classes are springing up in studios as well as schools across the nation, and these are not your mamma’s yoga classes. Often including popular music with shorter class times, these classes effectively address the prime needs and desires of the teen and tween crowds.

Mommy & Me Yoga

Whether your child is 3 months old, 3 years old or 13 there’s a Mommy and Me Yoga class that will provide you with a healthful, fun bonding activity while giving you the benefits of yoga and exercise and maybe even a little “me” time.

Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy, also known as prenatal yoga, can be a joyful and effective way to stay active, healthy and strong while also staying relaxed and flexible during your pregnancy.