Christine Stump

Christine Stump, RYT, has practiced yoga for 14 years, meditation for 25 and taught for 6, and now specializes in creating and supporting home practice for dedicated yogis. Home practice is by far the most effective way to engage the transformation of yoga, and joining the depth of daily, self-directed practice with regular consultation from Christine as a seasoned teacher helps her students sustain and integrate the revelations of home practice throughout their lives.

Having studied multiple styles of yoga, Christine now teaches Hatha yoga with a meditative focus. Individualization of the practice is the key to rapid and systemic results, more than adherence to any system, and the study of multiple traditions of both yoga and meditation informs all of her teaching.  Private sessions are conducted in person at the student’s practice space to fully access sense memory and can be skillfully conducted by video conferencing.

Christine designed and taught a ground breaking experimental yoga class which demonstrated health benefits beyond what had been predicted for a 12 week series of twice weekly, 90 minute basic yoga classes. Her upcoming ebook on home practice draws from these classes and teaches you how to build your practice from the ground up.

Christine shares information about the transformative practices of yoga and meditation with wild abandon. Learn more about yoga practice at, and about integrating an array of transformative practices into your life at

Content Posted by Christine Stump

Yoga and Relationships

You’ve been doing yoga long enough that you’ve noticed its effects rippling out into your whole life: who you are at the grocery store, at work and in the voting booth. How can you expect yoga to effect your relationships, your family and the people in your life who don’t do yoga?

Coming Back To The Mat

Whether you’re on the mat right now, getting back to it, or simply contemplating the return, here are some simple guidelines to have you back enjoying the health, emotional and other wellness benefits of a regular yoga practice with as little regret as possible.

What Does Primum Non Nocere Mean

“Primum non nocere.” Do no harm. The motto for emergency medical services and medical students alike, this simple phrase nicely sums up the first “Yama,” or restraint, of the yogic path: ahimsa, or nonviolence. No matter what you do, just don’t make the situation worse. 

Yoga Off The Mat - Life Outside Of Class

What does yoga mean in the context of your whole life, all your roles and responsibilities, of who you are and what you do? Is it just a class you attend a couple times a week that gives you definition in muscles and keeps you from wearing your shoulders around your ears like a permanent stress monkey?

Teaching Meditation and Breathing

How do you teach the art of silence? Since meditation is really a state of being and consciousness, the words we use to describe the state or the techniques leading to it are always a step removed from the phenomenon we are seeking to describe. For this reason, it’s easy to find yourself tangled in words and reaching for descriptions when teaching meditation and breathing practices. Whether teaching advanced classes or beginners the best advice is to keep it simple. Get comfortable with silence. Let yourself sit a little longer than you’re comfortable, and practice being present with people without words.

Adding Muisc To Your Yoga Classes

Planning to put that great ambient sounds download on loop and let it go for the length of class? Think again before you play just any old sound track during your painstakingly planned yoga journey. Just because it grooves your moves when you practice at home alone doesn’t mean it will support your spoken instruction and pacing in class, or support your students in their dive in to bliss out asana experience.

Yoga For Children Who Hate Exercise

Some tips on how to get children who hate to exercise interested in the practice of yoga. Help your child get off the couch and into downward facing dog.

OM Sweet OM

Looking for ways to prolong your post-Savasana bliss? Wonder why you can’t walk around with your yoga glow all the time? Well, you can. With a few simple considerations you can bring your yoga home in thought and deed.

Yoga Off The Mat - Yoga On The Go

Learn how the leasons learned on the yoga mat can be applied to everyday living. Apply the principles your yoga teacher uses to create the bliss you love during class to life's most stressful situations.

Compassion Meditation

Compassion meditation is practiced to increase our ability to remain centered in equanimity regardless of the conditions, treatment or facts we are presented. This in turn allows us to respond compassionately and honestly to our own faults and behaviors as well as those of others.