The Solar Plexus Chakra

Manipura Chakra is the powerhouse, taking the raw materials we provide our bodies and psyches and transforming them into energy, ability and drive. Desire, hunger and striving are all processed in this area, and constriction in this area can stifle the joy we take from even the simple things in life. Openness in this area allows us to move through the world with zest, confident in our capacities and ability to effect the world.

During this practice, imagine a glowing yellow light suffusing the area where your ribs come together all the way from the front of your body, back to your spine. On exhalation audibly, softly or silently repeat the syllable “Ram,” pronounced /rum/ with a rolled ‘r.’ Ram is the seed syllable associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra; feel its vibration.

Things you might want to have handy: Yoga Mat, Yoga Towel or Blanket, Yoga Strap, Yoga Bolster

It is recommended to perform the warm-up before starting this routine.

Step 1: Staff Pose
Duration: 3-12 breaths
Pose Review: Staff Pose

Stretch your legs out as you sit firmly on your mat and draw up through your pelvic floor, lifting your rib cage evenly up from your pelvis.  Imagine you are drawing strength and power up from the earth, through your body to your solar plexus.

Step 2: Boat Pose

Duration: 3-12 breaths
Pose Review: Boat Pose

Bend both knees. Begin with your toes on the floor, as you lean back only as far as your low back remains steady and supported without rounding. You may hold your thighs behind your knees or reach your arms out. Lifting your sternum will activate your solar plexus region. Finish the pose by extending one or both legs so your toes are across from your eyes. Maintain engagement in your legs and feet.

Step 3: Reverse Plank

Duration: 3-12 breaths

Lower your toes and extend your legs as you reach your hands behind you, palm down, fingers pointed forward. Exhale, lifting your hips and imagine a glowing yellow light at your solar plexus as you stretch the front of your body.

Repeat Steps 2-3 for 5-12 more repetitions, focusing on your solar plexus.

Step 4: Child’s Pose
Duration: 3-12 breaths
Pose Review: Child’s Pose

From your knees, reach your hands out in front of you on the mat and lower your forehead to the mat, stretching your spine and abdomen and breathing fully to expand your torso.

Step 5: Camel Pose
Duration: 3-12 breaths
Pose Review: Camel Pose

Walk your hands back and lift your hips above your knees. Join your hands behind back and lift your sternum as you draw up through your center. Reach your hands down behind and arch back through your upper back more than from your mid-low back as you press your legs and hips forward. If your hands reach your heels, take your heels.

Repeat steps 4-5 for another 5-12 repetitions, focusing on the area where your ribs come together.

Step 6: Downward Facing Dog

Duration: 3-12 breaths
Pose Review: Downward Facing Dog

From Child’s Pose, turn your toes under and reach your hips back and up. Firm your arms toward one another and bring your shoulder blades together on your back. Engage your core to center and feel the support for opening through your solar plexus.

Step 7: Plank
Duration: 3-12 breaths
Pose Review: Plank Pose

Draw forward through your solar plexus, maintaining a strong core and spine as you move your shoulders above your wrists so that your hips are in line between your heels and shoulders.

Repeat Steps 6-7 for 10-12 repetitions, focusing on waving from your Root through your low belly and up to your solar plexus.

Step 8: Cobra or Upward Facing Dog

Duration: 3-12 breaths
Pose Review: Cobra, Up Dog

From Down Dog, shift forward and drawing your shoulder blades together, rolling over your toes so the tops of your feet are on the ground. If you can maintain your hips lifted with only your hands and tops of feet on the floor with strong legs, arms and chest, stay in Up Dog. Other wise, lower your hips and legs to the ground and bend your elbows back, close in to your body to lower to a place where you can breathe and enjoy the stretch through your front body.

Step 9: Goddess Pose

Duration: 12 breaths
Pose Review: Goddess Pose

From Staff pose, bend your knees and bring your feet together. Lower your torso back on your hands and elbows. You may support your torso on a bolster and your knees on blocks or blankets.

To come out, use your hands on the outside of your knees to bring them toward one another.

Perform the relaxation sequence to complete this routine.