The Crown Chakra

Undertake this practice only after you have been practicing yoga most days for at least 4 weeks. If you do this as part of the Chakra series, you will have been practicing for 6 weeks.

Consider practicing a few active poses before beginning today’s Crown Chakra Practice. At minimum, perform the warm up sequence, highlighted below.

The Crown Chakra is in the same general location as was the soft spot on your head when you were born.  This fontanel closed over time as the plates of your skull grew together and eventually fused. These plates are not immobile, but rather are joints where bones have grown together.

The crown chakra represents our connection to what is universal and to wisdom. This practice is an unusual practice in that you practice only one asana and you get to choose. You may sit in Easy pose, Thunderbolt, Lotus or even recline in Corpse or Crocodile. The most important thing is that you choose a position that is steady and pleasant so you may remain present for 5-30 minutes.

You’ll begin and end your practice with a guided imagery meditation. You may begin by doing only this. Over time expand a period of silent awareness of your breath between the two. Sahasra has no sound of its own because it is the connection to universal sound. It is the sound left after the chanting of Om.

Things you might want to have handy: Yoga Mat, Yoga Towel or Blanket, Yoga Strap, Yoga Bolster

It is recommended to perform the warm-up before starting this routine.


Step 1: Take a comfortable seat.
Duration: 5-30 minutes
Pose Reveiw: Easy Seat, Thunderbolt, Lotus, Corpse or Crocodile


Step 2: Fountain Guided Imagery
Duration: 2 minutes or more

Bring your attention to your breath. As you inhale, imagine your breath rising up, in front of your spine, from just in front of your tailbone. With each breath, draw the breath further up this channel, as if you are drinking it with a straw.

When the breath reaches the top of your head, imagine that it separates in every direction into every color and emerges like a fountain, falling down around you in a luminous circle of multicolored light. Imagine the light pooling on the ground all around you before it seeps into the Earth.

This cycle, this circuit is never ending. Continue breathing, feeling and imagining the breath being drawn up through your body and exiting the crown of your head.


Step 3: Rest in silence
Duration: 0-20 minutes

When this field of breath and light is well established around and through you in your imagination, you may stop the imagery and simply rest your attention on some object or on your breath. Simply breathe and remain in this silent globe of nurturing presence for up to 20 minutes.

Trust that you will know when you are done, or set a gentle sounding timer if you need to relieve worry about time


Step 4: Descending Light Guided Imagery
Duration: 2-5 minutes

When it is time for you to conclude, ensure you have left yourself at least two minutes to close your meditation session.

You may also use this light meditation on its own any time you have a headache or feel agitated, to calm and relax your body, mind and breath.

Imagine a white light encircling your entire body. Some of this inexhaustible light gathers at the crown of your head and begins to infuse your body.

At the crown of your head the light is purple. It seeps into your tissues as water sinks into the Earth after a rain.

At the level of your eyebrows the light turns dark blue.

At the level of your throat the light glows ice blue.

At the level of your heart the light becomes emerald green.

At the level of your solar plexus the light glows yellow.

At the level of your navel the light begins to turn orange.

At the level of your tailbone the light burns red.

Follow the light down and out your toes, into the ground.

Breathe and smile.

When you’re ready, rise mindfully, rolling first to your side, then pressing up to sitting allowing your head to come up last. Rest here for a few breaths before moving to standing and bringing up any lights.