The Business of Yoga

The Business of Yoga is developed by Renae Bechthold, director and owner of Metro Marketing and Media, Inc. Renae has over 27 years of direct, hands-on, in-the-trenches entreprenurial, managment and marketing experience starting her first business at age 23. She has owned, built, operated and sold successful businesses in a variety of industries including computer software, chiropractic and integrative healthcare, Business Management, Business Training and Development.

Additionally, Renae has spent 30 years in personal development work, has been training in Aikido for over 20 years, teaches and holds a 2nd degree black belt. She has also owned two successful holistic healthcare practices growing one company to nearly a half-million dollars in services in less than 3 years.




Introduction To The Business Of Yoga
The Physical Game vs The Mental Game Of Business
Is Your Spirit Compatible With Your Yoga Business
Four Critical Ways to Improve Student Retention
How to Have Fun Doing the Business-ee Parts of Your Yoga Business
What is The #1 Most Critical Business Skill For Yoga Business