Standing Straddle Forward Bend

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Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita Padottanasana is a yoga pose done in a standing position which helps in opening of hips as well as stretches your harmstrings.


How to: Standing Straddle Forward Bend

Start by moving apart both legs as far as it is comfortable for you. Your feet should face outwards and be aligned with each other.

Now tilt your torso to the front. You can make this step easier by increasing the depth of your hip bend.

Move your hands so that they are below your shoulders. Now walk your hands and if possible bring your wrists in alignment with your ankles.

Now bend your elbows just like the Chaturanga Pose, or the Staff Pose. Try to keep your hips in the same plane in which your ankles are. Displace your body weight upon your feet.

The next step is to isolate your quadriceps muscles so that you are able to draw them upwards. Stay in this pose for the next 5 to 10 breaths. As you inhale, try to stretch your spine upwards. While exhaling, aim to add depth to your forward tilt.

After doing this, you can bring yourself back to the initial pose by placing your hands on your hips. Make sure that in this whole procedure, your back should remain in a straight level.


Benefits of Standing straddle forward bend

Standing straddle forward bend pose, if done regularly and with full caution can result in the following benefits:

  • Strengthens the inner and back legs.
  • Stretches the legs and the spine.
  • Tones up the abdominal regions.
  • Results in a calm temperament and peaceful mind.
  • Takes care of mild back problems like ache, etc.

For beginners standing straddle forward bend pose is a great yoga pose to get rid of prolonged back pain when correctly applied. Many people who are new to this yoga are not able to do the last stage of this yoga i.e. to touch the ground with their head. They can therefore take help of a gentle block or a bolster on which they can rest their head.

For advanced users, this yoga pose is primarily beneficial for toning up of abdomen and stretching of various body parts involved like the spine and legs. They can go for advanced variations like Prasarita Padottanasana II and addition of Salutation Seal to the final stages.

Standing Straddle Forward Bend Pose is best practiced with your yoga teacher if you expereinec the following conditions:

  • Pain in lower back or similar problems. You can avoid bending fully in this scenario.

Enjoy the calming sensations in your back that follow this yoga pose.



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