Side Crow Pose


Parsva Bakasana

In Sanskrit, “parsva” means side, “baka” means crow or crane, and “asana” means yoga pose.


How to: Side Crow Pose

Begin with a squatting position in which your knees are close to your chest. Come upwards on the front of your feet, and place your palms flat on the ground so that they are spaced shoulder-width apart.

While resting the palms in position, rotate your knees to the right direction.

Now begin to bend forwards while making sure that your head is raised. Rest your buttocks on the superior portion of your left arm, and knee on the right arm’s top.

Remove one foot from the floor, soon followed by the second one. Try to balance your body in this pose.

Remain and balance in this final pose from 15 to 30 seconds. Relax and exit by bringing your feet down and back to the original position. You may now repeat the pose in the other direction.


Benefits of Side Crow Pose

The Side Crow Pose has the following benefits to offer when done on a regular basis:

  • Provides strength to the wrist, forearms and abdomen.
  • Improves the functioning of the abdominal organs.
  • Improves overall sense of balance and stability.
  • Calms the mind by relieving from tension, stress and anxiety.
  • Stretches the legs and hips.

For beginners to yoga, the Parsva Bakasana is a beneficial pose in terms of improving the sense of balance and stability of the body. If you are new to yoga and find this pose difficult to perform, you may consider the following tip. Try learning to raise one foot a time when you are practicing this pose in the initial days. Also place a blanket in front of your head so that you are not afraid of hitting your head to the floor in case you tip forward.

For advanced yoga students or athletes, the Side Crow Pose is quite beneficial in imparting strength to the wrists and forearms. You may deepen the pose by staying in the final position for a longer period than the suggested time. Remember to breathe deeply and slowly as you practice this yoga pose.

Avoid this pose or consult your yoga instructor in case you suffer from the following conditions or problems:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pregnancy

Feel confident and empowered as you master the Side Crow Pose.