Scorpion Pose



In Sanskrit, "Vrischik" means Scorpion, while "asana" means a yoga pose.

The Scorpion Pose is a complex inverted pose involving an intense backbend.


How to: Scorpion Pose

Begin with the Child’s Pose, Balasana. Leave your forearms and elbows flat on the ground. Now move your head up and backwards while pushing your hips in air as you raise yourself on your toes.

While inhaling, move the legs upwards, just like going into a Handstand Pose. Balance and align these over the head.

While exhaling, by bending your knees, let your feet fall and extend in the front of your head.

Remain in this position for about 20 seconds. Breathe deeply and slowly. Your gaze can be focused on the ground below. Make sure your upper arms remain perpendicular to the ground and forearms flat. Your sternum will be directly pointing towards the ground at this moment.

In order to exit gracefully, exhale and slowly bring your legs down and return to the Child’s Pose. You may now again repeat the procedure if you want to.


Benefits of Scorpion Pose

The Scorpion Pose has a large number of benefits to offer if it is practiced on a regular basis:

  • Provides strength to shoulders, back and abdominals.
  • Improves body stability and overall sense of balance.
  • Stretches the chest, neck and spine.
  • Calms the mind by relieving from stress, tension and anxiety.

For beginners to yoga, the Vrischikasana is a great yoga pose to improve the strength of their shoulders and forearms. If you are new to yoga and find this yoga pose difficult to perform, you may consider the following tip: try to take support from a vertical wall in case you have problem maintaining your balance. Also, only try this pose once you have mastered the other balancing and backbend postures.

For advanced students of yoga, the Scorpion Pose is quite beneficial in stretching the various body parts like the chest, neck and spine. You may deepen the pose by staying in the final position for longer than the suggested duration. In order to make this yoga pose more effective, don’t forget to breathe deeply and slowly.

Avoid this pose or consult your yoga teacher in case you suffer from the following conditions or problems:

  • Wrist injury
  • Injury in shoulder or spine

Feel fierce and powerful like a Scorpion as you master the Scorpion Pose.



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