Rabbit Pose



The Rabbit Pose is an inverted yoga pose which provides a good stretch to your back, resulting in the elongation of your spine.


How to: Rabbit Pose

Start with a sitting position where you kneel down and your hips are seated on the bottom of the feet and lower legs. Let your arms hang at the sides while you bend your torso down on the thighs, as the head touches the ground.

Begin pressing your forehead gradually on the knees. Grasp your feet with arms extended backwards. Take deep breaths during this position.

While exhaling, raise your buttocks slightly. The vertex of your head should be touching the ground below.
Remain like this from 5 to 10 seconds while contracting the abdominal muscles. Relax and gracefully exit this pose by exhaling and returning to the original kneeling position.


Benefits of Rabbit Pose

Following are the major benefits of the Shashangasana when it is done on a regular basis:

  • Stretches the back resulting in a flexible and elastic spine.
  • Improves posture by lengthening the spine.
  • Enhances the digestion process.
  • Stimulates the functioning of the endocrine and maintains a hormonal balance in the body.
  • Refreshes the brain and relieves from fatigue, depression and anxiety.


For newcomers to yoga, who may find inverted poses too challenging, the Rabbit Pose serves as an easy replacement to the inversion poses, as the complete body is not upside down in this yoga pose. It is particularly beneficial in improving the posture of the body and correcting the pain related to the back and neck.

For advanced yoga students or athletes, Shashangasasna is known to be beneficial in giving strength to the back muscles and providing relief from mental troubles. You may deepen the pose by staying in the final rabbit position for more than the suggested time. Remember to have long and deep breathing during the entire yoga pose to gain maximum benefits.

You should practice this pose with caution or advice from your yoga teacher if you have any of the following conditions or ailments:

  • Injury of back or spine
  • Recent medical history of neck injury
  • Pregnancy


Feel alert and swift as a rabbit as you come out of the Rabbit Pose.