Power Yoga For Sports

Power Yoga for Golf

Written By: Gwen Lawrence



Golf is a game of precision and calm under pressure.  There are very specific needs to be attentive to if you golf.  It is very important to keep good symmetry in the body, and misalignments are sure to help slice the ball.

You should pay attention to overall strength, stability, balance and breathing, specifically by:

Maintain a flexible spine
For powerful twisting strokes, an inhibited spine short changes the stroke making it incomplete and increasing likelihood of slicing

Strengthen the core
To maintain proper posture and spinal strength, the straighter the spine the better the rotation.  If you are collapsed in the back you will not take advantage of the fullest rotation you are capable of

Open the hips and hamstrings
This is important in order to keep the pelvis in perfect positioning for best rotation and power; if the hamstrings are tight it pulls the pelvis out of line and changes your whole posture

Stretch the wrists
To release strain and keep the forearms supple for the best grip

Maintain strong and flexible shoulders
Strong and flexible shoulders translates into a powerful swing with full effortless extension

Open the ribcage and chest
This is critical for Pro level breath capacity, proper breathing reduces anxiety on the green in times of high stress

Preserve supple Achilles tendons
Especially for the back foot, to help push the hips through for a long distance shot

 Incorporating yoga into your already packed Golf training could be the missing piece of the puzzle and key to getting to the next lever.  Before starting any Yoga routine, research a properly trained teacher.  Try these critical poses 1-3 times per week:


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Gwen Lawrence BS,LMT, E-Ryt 500, Registered Yoga Therapist