Mountain Guided Meditation Class





The mountain is the symbol for the prime acess meditation point of the world. Thoughout time people all over the world have sought out mountains for protection, spirtual guidence and renewal. The nature of the mountain is elemental. Rock. Rock hard. A rock solid mental image for guided meditation.

Through guided meditation techniques, we will envision the lessons that moutains have to teach us. Durring this 13:34 minute audio guided meditation developed and narated by Nancy Jackenoff Owens, you will use the inner image of the majestic mountain as a source of power for your meditation.

In over 1,000 published research studies, various guided meditation techniques have been linked to changes in metabolism, blood pressure, brain activation, and other bodily processes.1 Many of these studies have identified relaxation, concentration, an altered state of awareness, a suspension of logical thought and the maintenance of a self-observing attitude as the behavioral components of guided meditation.2

Guided Meditation Classes and Guided Meditation Techniques

  1. Choose a meditation time when you can practice uninerrupted.
  2. Choose a quiet environment to for your guided meditation.
  3. Choose a comfortable, erect position to sit in. Feel like a mountain as your guided through the varrious meditation techniques throughout the program.
  4. Start the audio guided meditation and begin by tensing and relaxing the muscles from your toes to your head until they become peaceful and relaxed.
  5. Follow your breath in and out without changing the inhalation as you listening to the narator through your guided meditation classes.
  6. Use the spoken meditation techniques to visualize and become the mountain.


The mountain guided meditation class is included in the downloadable "Meditations for Stress Reduction" program. A double CD length MP4 digital download that contains over 2 hours of guided meditation techniques that you can enjoy anywhere you go. The meditation classes can be played through your iPhone, iPod, iPodTouch or iPad or any other MP4 media player. Eight downloadable audio guided meditation classes include: instructions on meditations, audio guided meditations and movements, and a complete body scan.

To learn more about our guided meditation classes or to purchase this downloadable meditation classes, visit

About Nancy Jackendoff Owens
Nancy has a Masters of Science degree from C.W.Post/LIU in Special Education and a Bachelor of Arts from Adelphi University in Humanities as well as numerous certifications and many hours of post-graduate study related to the teaching of children with learning differences. She also has a 500 Hour Yoga Certification from the Yoga Teacher Training Institute on Long Island, as well as numerous certifications and post-graduate studies in both yoga and meditation. She has been the director of Less Stress Yoga since 2000.


1. Antoine Lutz, Heleen A. Slagter, John D. Dunne, and Richard J. Davidson. Attention regulation and monitoring in meditation. Trends Cogn Sci. 2008 April; 12(4):163-169.

2. Alberto Perez-De-Albeniz and Jeremy Holmes. Meditation: concepts, effects and uses in therapy. International Journal of Psychotherapy. 2000 March;5(1):49.

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