Hatha Yoga

Most people will be aware about this form of yoga, although they might not really know it by its actual name. This is the form of yoga that deals with the asanas or the postures that you might have observed which are often connected to yoga. Hence, when someone talks to you about Hatha yoga, they are usually referring to these asanas and the ways of doing them to achieve a high degree of physical fitness. It is not really a physically challenging form of yoga, but just that it places more emphasis on the physical part of it, which is what you should want if you are aiming for improving your body.


Roots of Hatha Yoga

As been mentioned previously, this form of yoga deals exclusively with the physical forms of yoga. Hence, when you talk about Hatha yoga, you will be referring to the 3rd and 4th limb of Yoga principles. If you didn’t know already, there are a total of 8 limbs in yoga principles. Hence, the physical parts of these are what this form of yoga is going to help you master. The 3rd limb is purely physical, as this is where the asanas lie. The 4th limb is different, and will talk to you about breathing techniques and exercises, which is just as important with this kind of yoga.

The word Hatha means sun (Ha) and moon (Tha) combined together. This is not to be taken literally, as the sun here refers to positive energy and the moon is the negative energy. Hence, by the unison of the two, fitness can be maintained and the body will be open to change and improving itself. This is something that you might want to concentrate on, especially if your aim is to attain a very high degree of physical fitness and help improve your body image and what you might be capable of.


Hatha Yoga - Breathing techniques

Since this form of yoga deals with the fourth limb of yoga, it helps individuals that practice it to get better at their breathing techniques and be good at restoring circulation within their body. Hence, by incorporating pranayama, Hatha yoga helps the person to get his breathing right so that there is adequate oxygen supplied to the body without any constriction to its supply to any of the muscles or other extremities.

Getting your breathing techniques right is also necessary to unlock the energy that flows in your body. Hence, you might want to be sure that you are able to perform the asanas in a relaxed atmosphere and not pushing your body to do something under duress. This is why yogis who envisioned Hatha yoga preached so much about getting the breathing to match the exercise. After all, one has to be careful about the breathing part of it so that there are no problems with the asanas. The asanas represent the true physical fitness techniques, which will need the right breathing in order to get it right.


Hatha Yoga - Physical fitness routines

The physical part of getting fit is taken care of by the asanas which are incorporated in this form of yoga as well. Hence, when you do sign up to learn Hatha yoga, you will also be learning the various kinds of asanas to indulge in order to stretch your body and push it to a new degree of flexibility and physical capability. Asanas are vital to any form of yoga, and it is the strongest feature of hath yoga. In fact, many of the modern derivatives of this yoga derive a lot from the asanas itself, often making them quite an integral part about getting fit, mentally and physically.

However, Hatha yoga also describes the right way to do these asanas. Unlike other form of exercises where getting into a position is as good as being done with it, asanas are more to do with the right posture and holding it in the position for a stipulated period of time. In fact, you should be familiar with how to get to a certain pose before you can disembark from it and do something different altogether. When done correctly, your muscles will be strengthened and you will be able to feel the difference of energy in your body. You mind will automatically be refreshed and rejuvenated and you will find that you don’t take as long to get something done.


Hatha Yoga - Cure for physical illnesses

This form of yoga is also credited as an alternate medicine and a cure for a number of illnesses that might be plaguing you. Hence, if you have tried regular medicine and are not able to cure the problems that you might be having, then you should perhaps give Hatha yoga a try. People who have had severe breathing problems like asthma have been able to successfully solve it with the help of this form of yoga. You too might be able to find a solution for some of your breathing problems and perhaps get your fitness levels back up with this kind of yoga.


Hatha Yoga - Relaxed approach

For those who are seeking a form of yoga that is relaxing and slow, this is the one to go in for. There are some kinds of yoga that are physically intense and which make people do a lot of things and push them to the limits. If you are not the kind of person who likes to be exhausted at the end of a fitness routine, then this form of yoga is perfect for you.

The slow approach combined with the emphasis on meditation and other breathing techniques makes Hatha yoga something worth considering for those seeking a relaxed fitness routine. Many people that have used it are extremely satisfied with the results. Considering that it is over 500 years old, you should have faith in the results of this technique and be able to gain a significant number of benefits from practicing it. Do sign up for a class right away and see how it can benefit you too and help improve your levels of fitness along the way.