Goddess Pose


Supta Baddha Konasana

The Goddess Pose is beneficial for increasing the strength of your lower body. This yoga exercise also helps in promoting reproductive health.


How to: Goddess Pose

Start with placing your feet spaced 3 to 4 feet apart with your arms loosely hanging at the sides. With palms facing downwards, lift the arms sidewise gradually till they reach the shoulder height.  Firm your arms and hands.

Give a gradual downward push to your legs by squeezing your thighs while your arms are reaching higher over your head.

Your palms should be facing the front with fingers pointing to the ceiling above. Keep bending your knees while you exhale. Try to keep your chest forward and arms straight. Stay in this position for 3 to 6 breaths as you look forward.

Now return back while exhaling slowly. You will feel the stretching in your legs when you again move downwards. Repeat this motion for 10 to 12 times and close at the original standing position.


Benefits of Goddess

This Yoga Pose, the Goddess, is well known for the following benefits:

  • It opens up your hips as well as the chest.
  • It tones the lower body parts while stimulating the reproductive organs.
  • It is quite useful for keeping the respiratory and cardiovascular system healthy and problem- free.
  • It warms up and energizes the entire body within few minutes, and is an excellent cardiovascular-stimulating pose to incorporate into a yoga flow.

For yoga beginners, the Goddess Pose is an amazing yoga exercise that can empower their entire body. It also imparts self-discipline. It is known for its marked effects on the improvement of respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

The advanced users may get the benefit of a wider chest which is particularly beneficial if they play sports. The opening of hips helps in relieving from problems like constipation etc. Always remember to keep your spine fully erect and straight to get the full benefit of this yoga pose. To experience more stretch, you can stretch your fingers as high as you can which will also make this Goddess Pose more effective.

You may want to consider the following aspects before adding this yoga pose to your daily yoga routine. Avoid this pose or consult with a certified yoga teacher first if you:

  • Had a serious injury near your hips.
  • Have medical history with regions near your legs, back and shoulders.

Otherwise you are all set to experience and enjoy the benefits of this Goddess Pose. Find a calm and peaceful environment to energize your body with this yoga pose.