Crocodile Pose

crocodile pose.jpg


Crocodile Pose is also known as the Makrasana, where “makra” means the crocodile. It involves lying flat and free like a crocodile.


How to: Crocodile Pose

Begin with lying flat on the ground with your chin, abdomen and chest touching the yoga mat. Your legs should be stretched out with your back facing upwards.

Rest the arms comfortably on both sides. Now space your legs a few feet apart from each other. The heels should be pointing towards each other with their edges reaching the ground.

Let your toes point outwards, with the feet perpendicular to the legs. Now slowly lift your head and trunk. Move your both hands beneath your opposite shoulders so that they hold them gently. When done correctly, a double triangle will be formed in which your forearms will be crossing the opposite arm.

Relax your forehead on this newly formed triangle so that your face dips in the hollow space. Shut your eyes and gently relax. Stay in this position with nasal, abdominal breathing as long as you feel comfortable. Exit by exhaling and lying on your back.


Benefits of Crocodile Pose

The Crocodile Pose can offer the following benefits when practiced regularly:

  • Relaxes the body and mind completely.
  • Relieves the fatigue from the muscles after a complex yoga pose.
  • Resolves breathing problems and genito-urinary disorders.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.
  • Enhances the functioning of small intestines and stimulates the digestive process.
  • Fights against scoliosis and flatulence.

For newcomers to yoga, this yoga pose is quite beneficial in giving quick relief after performing the complex and exhausting asanas. You may perform this pose every time you want to relax your body in middle of series of big poses.

The advanced users of yoga will find the Crocodile Pose helpful in fighting against diseases like asthma and other related breathing disorders. A good practice of this yoga pose can also ensure removal of sciatica and problems concerned with slip disks.

You should avoid this pose in case you are experiencing the following problems or conditions:

  • Pain in waist
  • Back pain
  • Pregnancy (second or third trimester)


Be careful and alert as a crocodile as your body relaxes in the Crocodile Pose.