Yoga Instructors

Yoga instructors need a trusted source for inspiration as well as getting back to basics. Read expert tips and tricks for sequencing, hands on adjustment and alignment as well as advice on how to run a business according to yogic principles. Reflecting on how you use music in your classes? Read what an expert has to say about the range of options and their history. Ready to land your first gig or thinking of branching out? Read about networking and creating ways to share your unique message. The sky is the limit when you’re armed with knowledge, skill and experience. Find out how to leverage your experience with the knowledge and skill you’re passionate about sharing.


Learn how to position yourself during your yoga class to get the best attention and contection to you students.

What is The #1 Most Critical Business Skill For Yoga Business

The answer to this might surprise you. I've spent almost three decades as an entrepreneur
and much of that was spent in the wholistic health and wellness domain. Throughout this
journey I've had the gift and honor of working with and coaching hundreds of yoga and healing
professionals who in turn work directly with the public in helping and causing shifts and
transformations in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

TOOLS FOR TEACHERS: Giving (Even) Better Instructions

You're teaching an awesome class. Textbook perfect. Everything's going well. Until that one moment when you see the entire class turning THIS way, when you really wanted everyone to go THAT way. Argh! What do you do? Learn more in: TOOLS FOR TEACHERS: Giving (Even) Better Instructions.

Teaching Yoga To Children

Tip on how to make teaching yoga to children fun. The secret to teaching yoga to children is that you have to make it seem like an exercise or a ‘play’ without making it seem like a gymnastic ‘performance’ or a hard-core yogic posture.

John Friend: It's Not About Yoga

On Tuesday, Febuary 28, 20012, the NY Times printed an article about John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga. The article is titled "Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here". The yoga community has been abuzz with the news of John's fall from grace, and the news finally hit the NY Times.

The Right Yoga For The Right Practitioner

Learn how to adapt your yoga teaching style to the type of audience or class that you are teaching.

Experiencing Life With Tao Porchon-Lynch

Interview with Tao Porchon-Lynch, a 93-year-“young” Master Yoga Teacher. Learn about her secret for having a positive out look and fulfilled life.

How to Have Fun Doing the Business-ee Parts of Your Yoga Business

Renae Bechthold offers some tips on how to make the business end of your yoga business more fun and enjoyable. This might surprise you. The emotion or feeling of FUN causes a thriving, expanding condition to be present in your business.  Everywhere in your business cycle that you extend the following emotions or thoughts, you also inject the opposite vibration to thriving which is contracting:  frustration;  I don't like this but I'll tolerate it; confusion;  unconsciousness acted out by ignoring; I shouldn't have to do this; this is stupid; resistance; I'm sure you can think of others you've experienced.  For your business to become stable, consistent and thriving you want to find ways to keep the energy and vibration high.  FUN has that kind of energy. 

Four Critical Ways to Improve Student Retention

When a student does not sign up with you after your free class, are you disappointed? Do you feel slightly embarrassed about the possibility that the client did not like your teaching or you, and that was the cause of their not wanting to come back? The truth, for the majority of these situations, is that your potential new student not signing up with you for continuing classes has nothing to do with the quality of your yoga teaching or the class itself. To become masterful at client retention you’ll need to master more than great yoga teaching skills. There are four critical processes we train our yoga business owner clients to use in their businesses to improve the number of clients and students returning again and again.

Recipe For Disaster

If you were to imagine a scenario specifically designed to wreak havoc on your knees, what would it look like? Find out Leslie’s answer in this clip. It’s a surprisingly common situation for many of us, and how we set ourselves up can be the difference between keeping our precious cartilage, and losing it.