My Yoga Family

Your family is the center of your life and yoga helps you stay centered for them. My yoga family is all about how to get more yoga into your busy days, whether or not you actually make a class, and how you can share the powerful practice of breath centered mindful movement with every member of your family in a fun, engaging way that nourishes them and supports your practice. From relationships to kindness, yoga philosophy around your house to yoga practice at home and on the go - even how to keep yourself safe and injury free, My Yoga Family is your resource for bringing yoga home.

Yoga For Men Over 50

// //           The truism that men get better with age is only true for men who take care of themselves as the process unfolds. While financial and political power can make up for some excesses, nothing attracts like virile well-being. Whet...

Yoga for Women Over 50

Staying fit and trim as well as strong and relaxed can begin to change for women who often are concluding their roles as primary care givers of children and may be transitioning to more independence, or even incorporating care giving for aging parents. Changes in endocrine function, bone density and metabolism can all be safely and healthfully addressed through including yoga in your fitness routine.