My Yoga Family

Your family is the center of your life and yoga helps you stay centered for them. My yoga family is all about how to get more yoga into your busy days, whether or not you actually make a class, and how you can share the powerful practice of breath centered mindful movement with every member of your family in a fun, engaging way that nourishes them and supports your practice. From relationships to kindness, yoga philosophy around your house to yoga practice at home and on the go - even how to keep yourself safe and injury free, My Yoga Family is your resource for bringing yoga home.

Yoga Off The Mat - Yoga On The Go

Learn how the leasons learned on the yoga mat can be applied to everyday living. Apply the principles your yoga teacher uses to create the bliss you love during class to life's most stressful situations.

My Family and Yoga

Whether you’re new to yoga or a veteran of the mat, sharing some yoga moves or a whole practice with your family can open new vistas. You’ll rediscover the fun and novelty of poses that may have become familiar at the same time that you’ll encourage and model healthy activity and family togetherness.

Yoga For Children

Yoga for children is a constructive, creative way to engage your child in breathing practices and physical activity that can yield benefits in many areas of development, as well as being a fun family activity.

Yoga For Men

Yoga is a system of postures which are combined in customizable series for specific purposes. Yoga is similar to weightlifting: you choose your goal - strength vs. endurance, size vs. definition; your target - chest, back, arms, legs, abs. Then you design a series. In weight lifting you can choose from supersets or straight sets, maxing out or high reps. You can include cardio by jumping rope between sets, focus on functional training or use free weights.

Yoga For Woman

Yoga hasn’t always been a woman’s domain, but according to a 2008 Yoga Journal study, 77% of American yoga students are female, and overwhelming they report their motivation is mental and physical fitness. What does yoga have to offer specifically for women?

Partner Yoga

Partner yoga incorporates complementary yoga poses done by two people whose poses support opening and relaxation in one another’s poses. You might run into parter poses during a regular yoga class when your teacher asks you to partner up, or you might attend an all Partner Yoga class. Acro-yoga takes Partner Yoga to new heights - quite literally sometimes! You can play with Partner Yoga at home, finding new and fun complementary poses with your kids, spouse and friends.

Yoga for Teens

Teen yoga classes are springing up in studios as well as schools across the nation, and these are not your mamma’s yoga classes. Often including popular music with shorter class times, these classes effectively address the prime needs and desires of the teen and tween crowds.

Mommy & Me Yoga

Whether your child is 3 months old, 3 years old or 13 there’s a Mommy and Me Yoga class that will provide you with a healthful, fun bonding activity while giving you the benefits of yoga and exercise and maybe even a little “me” time.

Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy, also known as prenatal yoga, can be a joyful and effective way to stay active, healthy and strong while also staying relaxed and flexible during your pregnancy.

Yoga for Children with Special Needs

// //           Children with special needs also have special abilities, and yoga is uniquely suited to uncovering and the abilities and allowing them to shine brightly. Because of the emphasis on movement with breath, yoga for children with...