My Yoga Family

Your family is the center of your life and yoga helps you stay centered for them. My yoga family is all about how to get more yoga into your busy days, whether or not you actually make a class, and how you can share the powerful practice of breath centered mindful movement with every member of your family in a fun, engaging way that nourishes them and supports your practice. From relationships to kindness, yoga philosophy around your house to yoga practice at home and on the go - even how to keep yourself safe and injury free, My Yoga Family is your resource for bringing yoga home.

Experiencing Life With Tao Porchon-Lynch

Interview with Tao Porchon-Lynch, a 93-year-“young” Master Yoga Teacher. Learn about her secret for having a positive out look and fulfilled life.

Yoga And injuries

Explore how yoga can aid in recovery, and then look at how deviations from the healing characteristics of yoga can lead to pain and breakdown, and how to avoid it.

Yoga: Science Or Religion

The truth is that you do need a couple of basic beliefs in order to do yoga, but they’re not beliefs in supernatural forces or beings, and no religious values are endorsed. The basic belief you’ll need is that by acting and observing, you can change your experience. The values described in the Yamas and Niyamas are not only common across cultures, but suggested as an experiential underpinning for the physiologic poses to work efficiently.

Yoga and Relationships

You’ve been doing yoga long enough that you’ve noticed its effects rippling out into your whole life: who you are at the grocery store, at work and in the voting booth. How can you expect yoga to effect your relationships, your family and the people in your life who don’t do yoga?

Coming Back To The Mat

Whether you’re on the mat right now, getting back to it, or simply contemplating the return, here are some simple guidelines to have you back enjoying the health, emotional and other wellness benefits of a regular yoga practice with as little regret as possible.

I’m A Guy And I Practice Yoga

If you judge only from magazine covers and clothing ads, you’d never know that historically yoga was pioneered by men or that it benefits the male mind and body just as much the female. But I do yoga, so I can assure you that yoga is for men, too. I’m a guy, and I practice yoga.

What Does Primum Non Nocere Mean

“Primum non nocere.” Do no harm. The motto for emergency medical services and medical students alike, this simple phrase nicely sums up the first “Yama,” or restraint, of the yogic path: ahimsa, or nonviolence. No matter what you do, just don’t make the situation worse. 

Yoga Off The Mat - Life Outside Of Class

What does yoga mean in the context of your whole life, all your roles and responsibilities, of who you are and what you do? Is it just a class you attend a couple times a week that gives you definition in muscles and keeps you from wearing your shoulders around your ears like a permanent stress monkey?

Yoga For Children Who Hate Exercise

Some tips on how to get children who hate to exercise interested in the practice of yoga. Help your child get off the couch and into downward facing dog.

OM Sweet OM

Looking for ways to prolong your post-Savasana bliss? Wonder why you can’t walk around with your yoga glow all the time? Well, you can. With a few simple considerations you can bring your yoga home in thought and deed.