Ashtanga Yoga

There are a number of benefits to yoga, which is known by a lot of people today. Yoga is beyond just improvement of the physical fitness levels and deals with the creation of a healthy mind along with the body. Consequently, when people do opt in for yoga, they are expecting to get a lot more from this than simply become physically fit. Hence, with Ashtanga Yoga, this is one of the many things that are addressed and ensured to be of higher standards. After all, you have to be sure about the kind of fitness regime that you opt in for.


Ashtanga Yoga - Gradual improvement in all realms

With Ashtanga Yoga, a number of issues are addressed, but in an orderly fashion. Hence, it is very important for the disciple who is practicing this form of yoga to know all of these things before they get involved with them. This form of yoga is designed to address all issues in a coherent manner, which will yield good results. Hence, for the people that are interested in practicing this form of yoga, it is vital to know the right order of exercises and understand the importance of each of them to benefit from the whole workout.

To begin with, you will be taught techniques to the right form of breathing. As with a number of other forms of yoga, even Ashtanga Yoga, emphasizes significantly on getting the breathing process right. Breathing correctly is important so that the body does not undergo undue stress when performing other forms of exercises. Hence, in order to achieve this, students are taught Ujjayi Pranayama, which are exercises designed to help improve your breathing.  Vinyasa is the other technique, wherein you will learn about how to interconnect breathing and postures so that the two are mutually beneficial.

This leads us to the next part, which is about the postures. Once you learn about the breathing and how to improve on it, the next thing that needs to be addressed is the postures. Postures are important, as these deals with the physical fitness levels of the body. While you are not expected to learn about the complex postures right away, you should eventually get around it and now more about them. Remember that getting the right form of postures is just as important as doing it in a smooth manner. With Ashtanga Yoga, emphasis is placed on the lucidity of the movement. If a posture is too complex, you can skip it and go to something else.

The third aspect of Ashtanga Yoga is quite unique to this form of yoga, as it is relates to techniques for improving your focus and concentration. This is archived by practicing driste, which teaches an individual to focus on what is in front of him and forget about everything else. This kind of mind control is quite difficult to achieve, which is why you need to really be dedicated to the task of learning it, after which you will be able to get a grasp of it naturally.


Understanding Ashtanga Yoga

While you might be aware of the approach of Ashtanga Yoga, you might still be wondering about the principles of this form of yoga and the things that it addresses. The term literally translates to “eight limbs”, which refers to the different aspects that each person needs to work on to attain ultimate fitness levels. These eight limbs are listed as abstinences, postures, breathing techniques, withdrawal of senses, focus, mediation and contemplation. Each aspect supports the other one, which is what makes them so important. The first four all relate to physical fitness, while the rest are related to psychological fitness and working on improving the thoughts that might be filling up your mind.

Hence, working on each aspect is important. When you do reach the advances levels of Ashtanga Yoga, you will find out how simple it is to actually control all of these aspects of your body and know what to do and how to go about it. In time, you should be able to get better at what you do and reduce the amount of effort that you put for each exercise. However, the complexity of the exercise will only increase, which is something that you ought to watch out for.


Sequences of Ashtanga Yoga

In this, three groups of sequences are identified and spoken about. The primary sequence is the yoga chikitsa, which is related to the detoxification of the body and helping it improve the overall health of the body. The next series addresses the cleansing of the nervous system by freeing up the energy channels here. This is said to be the Nadi Shodhana, and is a way of tapping into your spiritual energy and gaining strength from it.

The final sequence, Sthira Bhaga, is applicable for the integration of the strength and grace of the practice, which is the ultimate challenge to undergo with Ashtanga Yoga. This is probably the last hill to climb, and a successful completion of this exercise will result in the mastery of this form of yoga.  Not many people have been able to dedicate themselves to such a high degree and actually seen the yoga completed right to the very end. Although challenging in nature, it is not something that is impossible to overcome and be done with. Hence, if you are sufficiently sincere, you should be able to be done with it.


Ashtanga Yoga - Practicing to the end

With Ashtanga Yoga, it is all about regularity and diligence in your effort. You cannot expect results overnight without being able to dedicate yourself to this form of yoga. You are expected to be completely into the form of yoga, putting in all the sweat, strength and the stamina in order to get the job done. Hence, results are guaranteed to those who are sincere in their efforts. Beyond becoming fit, you will be able to tap into your spiritual energy, which is something that can help in significantly boosting your awareness levels and beginning to listen to what your body might require.