Yoga for Spondylitis



It’s common knowledge that when a particular body part stiffens it begins to develop into a sore. Tension develops, blood circulation is blocked and sedentary lifestyle can further aggravate matters. I had one such patient with a spondylitis in the neck. Spondylitis is an inflammation of the vertebra.

I came up with one good combo which I would make her do everyday for a month and it did wonders for her entire back. She claimed her spondilitis got a lot better. The idea was not to get into a quick workout but a slow recovery session where focus was on the body part. Taking deep long breaths in every posture paid dividends. Feeling the pose while staying in it and thinking that it is actually benefitting the body part helps in the process. Repeatedly thinking about your neck and your benefit from the pose actually makes you get a positive response from the exercise. So how to get started?


Upward Facing Dog (Urdhavamukhasvana Asana) on 2 blocks

Place 2 blocks at a shoulder distance from each other, rest your hands on these with palms first facing towards your body. Stay in this pose for 10 seconds as the practitioner maybe a beginner. The head should be raised well, facing the ceiling.

Repeat this with the palms facing away from your body the other way. Stay in this again for 10 seconds. In both cases, head should be well raised facing the ceiling.

Repeat this with your chest touching the wall, hands rested on the blocks, palms facing the body. Stay in this pose for 10 seconds.

Lie down for 5 minutes and rest.


Sitting Yoga Poses with head raised and a concave back

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana) with hands raised and head raised. Keep your chin stretched. Do not bend the head. Stay in the pose for 10 seconds.

Head-To-Knee (Janusirsa Asana) with head raised. Keep your chin stretched. Stay in the pose for 10 seconds on each side.

Half-Bound Lotus Intense Stretch (Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottana Asana) with head raised and chin stretched out. Stay in the pose for 10 seconds each with either leg stretched out..

Three-Limbed Forward Bend (Triangamukha Eikapada Paschimottana Asana) with chin stretched and head raised. Stay in the pose for 10 seconds each with either leg stretched out.


Twisting Yoga Poses with a Yoga Strap

Bharadvaja's Twist (Bharadwaj Asana) can be done simply where the neck must get a full turn. It should be done on both sides.

The Sage Twist (Marichya Asana) is good for the back and the neck but if it is done without bending forward. Simply sit straight, take your arm around the bent knee and use the strap and turn your head as much as you can. Stay in the turned position for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side.


Bridge Pose (Setubandha Asana)

Finally end by lying down and stacking up lots of blankets under the neck and shoulders. Let the head hang down on the floor. Rest in this with eyes closed for at least five minutes.

After first two weeks of this workout, backbends maybe added for a more intensive workout.

Comments (3)

Said this on 5-22-2012 At 11:39 am
Would you be able to give diagrams or pics ....I am not sure how your hands are suppose to be especially in upward facing dog?

Thank you,

Said this on 5-22-2012 At 07:10 pm
By palms facing away from the body, Navodita means that your palms should be laying flat on the blocks in upward dog. Palms facing towards the body means they should be rotated the opposite way and the backs of your hands should be laying on the blocks.

I hope this helps,
Said this on 5-10-2013 At 04:18 am
Sorry for the late reply, in upward facing dog your hands are well-stretched with fingers away from each other and you both the palms are facing away from the body..palms are outstretched and fingers are pointed the other way..not towards your body

hope this helps,
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