Yoga for Eyes

Come monsoon and with it the woes of catching an eye-flu. However if you regularly take care of your eyes, there are bleak chances of you catching an infection. Performing some good eye exercises is a must if you want, bright, clear, pretty large eyes. You could follow this eye-workout:

Tratak or Gazing: This system of gazing directly at an external object works wonders for strengthening the eyes. It is also a meditative technique where you have to keep a pointed finger in line with your eyes and stare at the tip of the finger. Meditate on it without getting distracted by external noise and thoughts. Harden your eyes and stare fixedly at the finger as though you are gouging eyes out in anger. Relax your eyes after repeated stares. Repeat this exercise and continue for about five to ten minutes.

Eye-ball Movement: Here there are several ways of performing the movement of the eye-balls which energizes the eye-muscles.

Begin by first moving your eye-balls from top to bottom. Look up and then down without batting you eyelids or without moving your head. Make sure only the eye movement is observed. Repeat the upward-downward movement of the eye-balls at least ten times.

Second method is to move your eye-balls from left to right and vice versa. Again ensure that you are sitting up and your back is straight. There should be no head movement. Repeat the side-to-side movement of the eye-balls at least ten times.

Third method is to move your eye-balls upwards, sideways, downwards and again to the other side. Make a full circle with your eyes. Perform this first in clockwise direction and then in anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this cycle at least four times in each direction.

One more way of exercising your eye-balls is by holding your right thumb slightly above the shoulder on the right-hand side and your left thumb slightly below (diagonally opposite to the right thumb) the shoulder on the left-hand side. Now stare at the tip of the right thumb and shift the gaze to the tip of the left thumb. Repeat this ten times. Perform the same movement with your left thumb raised up and right thumb below the shoulder. This oblique movement of the eye-ball strengthens the ciliary muscles.

Sanmukhi Mudra: Lastly here’s something to relax the eyes after a strenuous workout for the eye-muscles. Shut your eyes and plug your ears with your thumbs and place your index finger gently between the eye-lid and the eyebrow. Your middle finger should be rested below the eyes, on the eyelashes. Ring finger is on the upper-lip while little finger is below the lips. Breathe deeply with the fingers gently touching the skin. Breathe deep for at least ten to twenty cycles.

Work on this routine for your eyes for about a month and continue to rejuvenate them every night before sleeping with cool cucumber slices on your closed eyes. You could even use two cotton swabs dipped in rosewater for making your eyes feel refreshed and protected against the changing weather, dust storms, snow and rain. Be sure not to touch your eyes with bare hands even to itch or twitch!

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