Yoga for Depression and Mental Stress



Depression is something to do with a state of mind where the life is lacking an imbalance. For example, if one lacks a purpose in life, one can easily take to self-destructive habits of smoking, drinking or overeating, further weakening the physical and emotional state of being. The result is depression or negative state of mind with reduced sense of self-esteem and great loss of will power. How then can one redeem oneself from this through yoga? Do not be surprised. The key is to be mindful and open oneself to a sense of awareness and the guiding light that can change one’s life. Here are a few poses to go out for when under mental duress.


Learn About Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma Pranayama) and Interrupted Brathing (Viloma Pranayama)

This form of breathing exercise or Pranayama is very beneficial for such a disorder or mental tension and stress. Here you need to sit comfortably in a simple cross-legged pose and breathe normally before starting with Anuloma-Viloma. Then slowly breathe in from one nostril and exhale from the other. Repeat inhalation from the same nostril for five minutes. Repeat with the inhalation from the opposite nostril. Do not rush the breathing. Continue slowly for five minutes, concentrating on the depth and rhythm of the breath.


Downward Facing Dog (Adhomukhasvana Asana)

This pose works wonders for deep emotional stress. The psoe maybe done by placing the head on a blanket or by placing hands against the wall. Stay in this pose for at least five minutes.


Down Face Tree Pose (Adhomukha Vriksha Asana)

This pose, too, is good for getting rid of mental stress and tension and any kind of mental block. Beginners of course must do this againt the support of the wall. Straighten the elbows. Pull the lungs in without letting the ribs protrude forward while in the inverted pose. Stay in the pose for five to ten counts. Repeat three times.


Belly Turning Pose (Jatara Parivartana) – Bent Knees and Variation

This pose is ideally good for stomach problems and digestion but does wonders for emotional and mental troubles. When we are under stress frustrations creep in and weare not flowing with our feelings and needs but are pushing or resisting something in our life. The key is to drop the frustration, be able to step aside and observe and accept your frustration as part of a whole. This pose helps you do just that. Take the frustration headlong into your own hands and fight it.

So you lie on your back. Place your hands under your buttocks and bend your knees. Exhale and move your knees to one side towards the floor. Inhale as you centre you knees. Continue for one or two minutes, alternating sides. Relax on your back.

Revolved Belly Turning Pose (Parivritta Jatara Parivartana), too, is good where the knee of the reverse leg is brought down to touch the floor.

Idea is to release the stress and bring harmony and aliveness into your body movements.

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