Yoga During Menopause



Menopause can bring a lot of changes in women-hot flushes, high blood pressure, heaviness in the breasts, headaches, insomnia, obesity. At this time when women go through physiological and metabolic changes and also major changes in their psychological and emotional state, it is important for them to learn to manage their physical and mental stability. Some yoga poses can help you do just that.

Some standing poses and dynamic poses to practise at this time are:

  • Prasarita Padottana Asana
  • Uttana Asana
  • Adhomukhasvana Asana
  • Janusirsa Asana
  • Paschimottana Asana
  • Supta Vira Asana
  • Matsya Asana


Menopause can lead to emotional disturbance, loss of balance and poise resulting in short temper, jealousy, depression, fear and anxiety. One may even feel a dismal loss of womanhood and a sudden feel of angst and deprivation. Yoga can help feel a sense of adjustment. Inverted poses and Pranayama that can help in this feeling of balance and equanimity are :

  • Sirsa Asana
  • Sarvanga Asana
  • Hala Asana
  • Setubandha Asana
  • Dwipada Viparita Dandasana
  • Ujjayi Pranayama I
  • Viloma Pranayama


In this state, the endocrine system needs working upon and for that the following poses are beneficial:

  • Upavishtakona Asana in Sirsa Asana (against the wall)
  • Baddhakona Asana in Sirsa Asana (against the wall)
  • Urdhva Padma Asana in Sirsa Asana (against the wall)
  • Pinda Asana in Sirsa Asana (against the wall)
  • Karnapida Asana
  • Suptakona Asana
  • Parsva Hala Asana
  • Variations in Sarvanga Asana


Relaxation of the body and mind are most crucial at this stage for the woman. In order to help one realize this, these poses could prove to be useful:

  • Parsvottana Asana
  • Prasarita Padottana Asana
  • Padangushtha Asana
  • Uttana Asana
  • Adhomukhasvana Asana
  • Janusirsa Asana
  • Ardha baddha Padma paschimottana Asana
  • Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottana Asana
  • Marichya Asana I
  • Paschimottana Asana


Backbends assist majorly in stretching the spinal column making the blood circulate more freely. Opening of the chest here energises the lungs and rejuvenates the body and mind. This workout is good after one has gotten over the menopausal situation and wants to resume yoga. In order to get back to a regular yoga routine, it is a good workout:

  • Ustra Asana
  • Urdhvamukhasvana Asana
  • Dhanur Asana
  • Urdhvadhanura Asana
  • Dwipada Viparita Danda Asana


These asanas are useful for an anxious state of mind and also for depression. The backbends prescribed above are very productive for getting rid of tension and resting the nervous system. It helps in keeping the body supple, improving respiration and relieving pain in the sacrum and the coccyx. These poses also remove dullness and laziness essential for pulling women out of their sluggish and irritable mental state of mind in menopause. Practise of yoga recommended above soothes the mind and strengthens one emotionally.

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