Yoga and Meditation



Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning to ‘yoke’ the mind, body and soul, Yoga and meditation works to build a certain harmony within the three aspects of the human body: physical, mental and emotional. A healthy body will have a perfect union of all these three aspects. One without the other will be incomplete or unhealthy. Therefore every illness or disorder means that healing is important not just at a physical level but also holistically at a subtle level, within the core of the body. In order that a person be cured completely, patient needs to get beyond the anatomy and heal the body within and heal the person within-emotionally and mentally, so that the healing takes place at a holistic level. It is for this reason that the inner strength is required to fight the disease and illness more than the curative poses or the workout.

Meditation proves to be a perfect addendum to such a workout. A workout in the morning could easily be followed by a meditation combination in the evening or vice versa. Meditation techniques build one’s inner resolve, strengthen one’s faculties to work towards one’s goals relentlessly and with resolve. Concentration techniques help one focus on one’s aim in life which is to pull oneself out of the negative state. One has to have the right frame of mind to get into the posture and sit in a simple cross-legged pose to be able to do a meditation and let negative thoughts find a way out and let positive thoughts walk in so that illness and disease can be gotten rid of.


Sakshi Dhyan

This meditation technique is unique in that here the practitioner is only expected to sit with eyes closed, breathe normally with hands rested firmly on the knees, palms facing upwards. Breathe normally. Allow thoughts to come in and watch all sorts of ideas walk through your mind. Let the thoughts come and go. The idea of this meditation technique is to not let anything bottle up but flow out without causing anguish and a block. All you have to do is focus on your breath and your normal breathing pattern. Be a mindful observer. Sit in this posture for fifteen minutes. Rub your palms, prese the base of your palms gently against your eyes and open your eyes.


Sanmukhi Mudra (Six-Headed Mudra)

This is a form of yoga posture that brings peace, tranquility and poise to the body and mind. Close your eyes. Place your index finger just below the eyebrow without pushing the eyeball. Place your middle finger gently pushing down the eyelashes. Place your ring finger on your nostril while the little finger is gently touching your upper lip. Plug your ears with your thumbs. Ensure that your fingers aregently touching the surface of your skin. Breathe softly, gently, slowly and deep. Perform the Bhramri Pranayama in this. While exhaling take out a hissing sound.

Gently relax and release your fingers. Lie down in Sava Asana. Feel the relaxation and the healing within.

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Mayank Dixit
Said this on 3-17-2012 At 02:50 am
Yoga should refresh the soul, Just like pressing f5 on a PC. This way everyone would be healthy. We tend to follow yoga by routine, thinking that health is wealth.
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