Yoga and Lifestyle

Yoga works like an elixir in today’s sedentary lifestyle. In a fast-paced technological age, yoga alone has the power to heal, internally and externally, holistically and at a micro-level. All you need is the right trainer, guru and healer. So how can you start off feeling better if you are working twenty hours a day, six days of the week and 11 months in a year. Here’s a lowdown on getting your biological clock ticking once again:

Technological fast: If you have that one day to rejuvenate take a break from all the gadgets and the gizmos around you. Let your body breathe easy without having to receive a phone-call, write an email, browse the net or even access your Facebook account. In short, keep a fast the modern way- switching your tech-world off. No to the tech-world (including the television or the radio or MP3) helps you give space to yourself as a person and human-being.

Maun: Maun Vrat or maintaining silence for twenty-four hours replenished you with oodles of energy, revitalizes your nerves, soothens your mind and rejuvenates you for a month. By keeping the maun vrat the implication is on not even talking to your little daughter or son, your loving wife or even your revered aunt or grandmother. Maintain complete silence without a hum or a sound and notice the wonders it will have on your biological system.

Meditation: Here you sit in a quiet corner of your room and fold your palms in a mudra or a pose; and meditate on your breath, navel or simply the emptiness of the mind. In this state, you need to close your eyes lightly without straining, release and relax the muscles of your face, eyes, ears and lips and focus on your mind or breath, whatever you choose.

Breath: Breath is the life-force of man. Empty your lungs out in a fresh environment-it could be your room. Breathe in after a full, heavy exhalation. Take about five to six such deep breaths with equally good exhalations. You should feel refreshed like a young bird.

Exercise: The most important part of revitalizing your organs is through great exercise. So what should be the starting-point and to what limits should you workout. Make sure you never overdo a workout routine. Yoga always focuses on relaxed exercising. This means simply doing as much as your body can without pushing the limits of your stretches and twists too far.

Yama & Niyama: Last but not the least is the dynamic sense of cleanliness, hygiene, truth, non-violence, self-control, non-accumulative, contentment, hard work and belief in yourself. The logic goes to- Positive In Positive Out just as a computer follows GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). A good assimilation, reading and practice of positive thought, word and deed helps you attain calmness and greater productivity at work.

So, try following these and supplement this daily routine with a fibre-induced organic diet, fruit and green vegetables and the whole regimen will leave you detoxified for the next lap of work. Next time you take time off from work, do not hesitate to follow this Yoga route or should I say, Yoga holiday. It may work wonders for you and your family.

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