Yoga A Pre-Natal Workout



Pregnancy is an important milestone in a woman’s life. At this stage it is equally important for the mother to stay healthy, physically and mentally, as that affects the well-being of the child to be born. It is, therefore, important for the woman to continue to exercise, without over-exerting. This way the uterus is kept strong to function more efficiently so that delivery can be normal.

Yoga poses are truly beneficial against miscarriages. These are also good as a measure against failure to conceive due to defects of the ovaries, glands or fallopian tubes. Ideally, yoga poses must be done even prior to conception if one is to take pre-natal exercise seriously.

In order to prevent miscarriages, following asanas must be done so that conception can take place and hormonal balance can be achieved:

  • Sirsa Asana (against the wall for beginners)
  • Sarvanaga Asana
  • Setubandha Asana
  • Janusirsa Asana with variations



During the first three months, mother needs to be careful keeping her blood pressure normal. Yoga poses, however, strengthen pelvic muscles and the pelvic region improving blood circulation around the area. Reproductive system is strengthened, spine strong making the period of confinement bearable. The following poses in the first three months of pregnancy are very good for the mother and the baby:

  • Parvata Asana
  • Supta Vira Asana
  • Upavishtakona Asana
  • Baddhakona Asana
  • Supta Padangushtha Asana



Light asanas which bring lightness to the abdomen and pelvis must be done on a regular basis. These provide nourishment to the uterus. When breathing becomes heavy, however, these should be stopped. Good asanas to be done at this stage are:

  • Janusirsa Asana
  • Baddhakona Asana
  • Supta Baddhakona Asana
  • Upavishtakona Asana
  • Bharadwaja Asana
  • Vir Asana and cycle
  • Supta Vir Asana
  • Parvata Asana
  • Sava Asana



In the early stages of pregnancy morning sickness, dullness and weakness may appear. There may even be discharges or pains in the pelvic region, swelling or numbness in the feet, backache, constipation, variation in blood pressure, headache, dizziness and blurred vision. Asanas are useful in all such instances.
Normal Pranayama and breathing is also recommended for all months until delivery. As regards meditation, Sanmukhi Mudra, Sava Asana and Dhyana is to be done until the end of pregnancy. These are good not only for the physical well-being but also for making the mind strong and healthy. Some forms of basic Pranayama are:

  • Ujjayi Pranayama I
  • Viloma Pranayama I
  • Viloma Pranayama II



It is said that the breathing exercises are good for development of the child in the womb and the easy expulsion of the child at the time of delivery. Practice of Pranayama even minimizes spasms and strains during labour and makes delivery easy for the mother as she knows the right type of relaxation. Yoga is just an easy assurance that you will sail through your pregnancy, taking good care of yourself and your baby.

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