What is The #1 Most Critical Business Skill For Yoga Business



The answer to this might surprise you.  I've spent almost three decades as an entrepreneur and much of that was spent in the wholistic health and wellness domain.  Throughout this journey I've had the gift and honor of working with and coaching hundreds of yoga and healing professionals who in turn work directly with the public in helping and causing shifts and transformations in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

What has arisen for each and every one of them as the #1 most critical business skill to develop is a powerful mindset.  Once they began recognizing, focusing on, and taking action in accordance with an empowered mindset, their business soared to a whole new level and then became consistent and stable.  But what does “empowered mindset” actually mean?  We can sit around and nod our heads like we know it’s a good thing but not actually grasp the distinctions and intricacies of what having empowered habits of thinking looks like.

It can be tempting to believe that because one  is a yoga instructor, or is in a mind/body art, that you also have an empowered mindset that is in perfect alignment with all that is good and right.  Well, you may.  Then why are a lot of these professionals, and maybe even you, struggling to create and sustain a thriving business that makes a difference for both you as well as your communities?

Let's take a look at some powerful mindset principles that play a key role in having a thriving business that produces bountiful results for your clients.

Clarity • Consistency • Focus • Commitment • Balance • Integrity • Accountability • Thinking from abundance and appreciation.

Although there are many more mindset principles we could discuss here, let's start with these few and see how they can give you a slightly different perspective from which to look at yourself and your business.

Clarity is so key in having you produce a thriving business that it cannot be over stated.  It means you bring a crystal clear image and intentionality to what you are doing, where you are going and your interaction with your clients.  Vague, fuzzy ideas, concepts, desires, goals, or communications aren't clear.  It's very difficult to gain traction or get what you want without clarity.  For giggles and grins, try trusting yourself and simply writing down with absolute detailed, Technicolor clarity what it is you want to experience – without fear of it not ever happening.  Just write it down.  Go back over it and re-read it.  If anything is dependant upon what is known only in your head, go back and write that detail down and get it out of your head and down on paper.  That’s a good step towards creating clarity.

Consistency is one of those mindsets and  habit patterns that seems always to be in our blind spot. I mean, we just can't seem to see how we are being inconsistent and how this is directly affecting our business results.  If you are all over the place like one week you decide to do some marketing, but the next week you get tired or get discouraged so you don't do anything. The next week after that you get another cool idea and go to work on that, then the next week you decide to spontaneously go out of town with your teaching buddy for some much needed R&R.  Wow, there's no consistency at all.  A lot of drama, but no consistency.  Here’s the “shocking” reality-- if YOU are not behaving consistently, you won't get consistent results in your business.  If your actions are inconsistent or chaotic, guess what your results will look like?

If you are not very consistent it’s a pretty good guess that you lack Focus as well.  One of the mistakes inexperienced entrepreneurs make is to try doing everything all the time.  Impossible.  You can try, but you'll end up feeling overwhelmed. And, there is just no focus.  Where you lack focus you lack traction.  You just get stuck on you can't move forward.  Try focusing on building just one revenue stream at a time, such as your class size or your private training offerings, but  not all of them at the same time.  Try focusing on building out just one marketing tactic at a time, such as your referral program, rather than working on a flyer and an ad in your local rag, and establishing business alliances and planning an open house all at the same time.  Once what you are singularly focused on is built and has momentum and is getting growth results, then add the second.  When that has grown some roots, then add a third.  But trying to do everything all at once is business suicide.

Another component of Focus in the absence of distractions.  Many healing and yoga professionals who want to grow their business are pretty good at working with clients; it's all the other time in their day that gets them in trouble.  This is the mistake most people make: they sit down to work on a marketing idea and the day becomes one jumble of distractions from people calling, to people interrupting them, to emails interrupting their work flow until the end of the week has produced no progress on their marketing project.  The solution?  End the distractions.  Start putting boundaries in place and stick to them yourself.  One really, really important habit -- create a time block in your calendar schedule each day for responding to emails and don't do it  at any other time then the time you scheduled.  You'll get so much freedom and time back. Trust me, it works.  And your clients will still love you.  They won't feel ignored.

Nothing can really come to fruition if you don’t have Commitment.  In fact, commitment is such a powerful energy that it can cause opportunities to show up around you.  How do you know when commitment is lacking?  Opportunities aren't showing up.  If that's the case, do a bit of self-evaluation and be honest with your self when doing it.  Are you really committed to your business growth?  Or, are you more committed to your fear or status quo?  It truly takes something to grow a yoga or yoga therapy business beyond your current  comfort zone.  Find out what it does take -- in terms of education, training, structures, timing -- and get committed to the work that will need to be done on your business and with yourself to cause the kind of success you are committed to and that you said you wanted.

Balance is a one of those mindset principles that is not very well understood.  Try balancing with one foot on a very narrow beam of wood.  Oh yeah, you have practice with this pose don't you?  Do you know what Balance actually looks like in your life and how it plays a role in causing a thriving and successful business?  Have you assessed ALL of the areas of your life or business that require balance?

Let's take a look at business.  How much time do you spend on your business vs.  in your business? That means how much time do you spend working with clients versus working on marketing, sales, operations, management, financial operations of your business?  How much time have you scheduled for the various activities that are required to produce a business that is thriving, consistent, profitable, and stable?  Do you even know what these activities are and how much time should be devoted to these activates in a consistent way to produce the results you want? Do you take proper and sufficient breaks or spend sufficient time doing your own training and meditation?  Would you be as effective with your own clients and students?  Would your business eventually begin to falter?  When was the last time you took a simple walk in nature for two hours just to let yourself be and to allow nature to wash over you with a cleansing and clearing energy?  Many people make the mistake of thinking that they should be working very hard and when the business is up to speed, then go back and rebalance their lives.   You may very well crash and burn before you get to that point.  Balance is something to design in from the very beginning and have its miraculous web weave its way through every thing in your business and life.  There are so many areas to look in when discussing balance; more than we have space for here.   Balance is at the core of accessing your capacity for growth.  Without balance, it is difficult to grow past a certain threshold.  Balance is your access for more.

Integrity like discipline is something you have to generate. No one can generate it for you.  It takes integrity to keep your word to yourself each and every day to do that which you said you would do. It takes integrity to have people trust you with their growth, expansion and healing.   It take integrity to lead people and have them follow you.  It takes integrity to produce results both for yourself and for others.  It takes integrity to be straight and direct in your communications with people. Integrity is a mindset principle you must bring to bear in all of your dealings both with yourself and with others.  It's the ingredient that has you line everything up so that there are no pieces of you heading in different directions. When you’re lined up, when your word matches your intentions and those match your actions, energy flows smoothly and powerfully.  Where energy flows, manifestation results.

Sometimes integrity, commitment, balance, staying focused, having empowering habits of thinking, as well as consistently taking the right actions in spite of your moods, takes accountability to something or someone.  Accountability is an extremely powerful tool for growth.  When you are not accountable to someone for taking proper consistent actions, you usually won't. But that's just human nature.  For us to produce the kind of business we dream of and envision, we have to rise above our human nature which is often fearful and lazy.  Developing an empowering mindset will help us consistently rise above our normal human nature and tap into our higher selves producing actions and behaviors consistent with our dreams.  Having accountability structures in place  causes exponential growth in this area.

Finally, how often do you catch yourself appreciating exactly what you have and feeling a sense of abundance all around you?  Or, do you notice that you complain frequently or are critical of yourself or others?  Abundance is all around us, especially for those of us blessed to live in the United States. Yet having a scarcity mindset seems to be the norm.  If mostly what we see is lack, what is that telling us about our own attention, focus, and vibration?  Scarcity can often look like us being critical of ourselves that we don't have enough clients, we don’t have enough revenue, we don't have enough skills, we don't have enough __________... Fill in the blank.

Rather, each time you notice a criticism or a scarcity conversation going on around you – mostly in your own head – see if you can turn even a small bit of that around by noticing something you can appreciate.  Make appreciating a habitual way of thinking.  Soon you can train yourself to see abundance everywhere.  Does that mean you are sticking your head in the sand  and not seeing the problems that need to be solved in the world?  Not at all.  In my opinion it means you are giving your mind some peace, that you are allowing what is there to be there without a dramatized story attached to it and filling your heart with love and appreciation in those moments.

We’ve discussed just a few of the powerful mindset principles that directly impact the success and growth of your business.  Try engaging just one this week.  Then maybe another next week.  See what happens.  And two more principles to engage:  Patients  and Persistence.  Never give up your dream for making a difference in the world, or for even just one other person.  Start with working on shifting your own mindset to habits that are powerful and pure.


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