Social Networking 101



Social Network  \ˈsō-shəl ˈnet-ˌwərk\
A set of individuals that are assembled into a specific group based on their interests and/or familiarizations with one another.

Social Network Marketing \ˈsō-shəl ˈnet-ˌwərk ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\
An effort that creates a communication that is used to attract attention and encourage its’ reader to share that communication with others within their own social networks.


Defining social network marketing in a way that everybody can understand is that social network marketing is a modern day version of word-of-mouth advertising. Something every small business owner has been doing and relying on for years to help grow their business and increase their revenue. Only now, with birth of the Internet, it has become more effective, efficient and best of all – free.


Using social networking to improve your yoga business

Almost every yoga instructor that I’ve ever met started teaching yoga out of their love for the practice and the impact that yoga has had on their lives. The simply joy of sharing that passion with others is what propelled them down that long road towards certification. A now with that training under your belt, it’s time to become an expert and share that knowledge with others. This is where social networking comes into play.


Create an online persona.

Who are you and what is the image of your business that you want to project? Take out a pad and write down the 10 best words or phrases that describe you and your business. Be as creative and as flowery with your descriptions as possible. These 10 traits are the start of how you want to be perceived by your audience and should be used throughout your communications to help describe yourself and your business.

Creating a clear and consistent image will help people to identify with you and increase your appeal to your audience. Use these words freely in all of your marketing messages. The Rolling Stones weren’t perceived as “The world’s greatest rock band” until after they started calling themselves that.


Separate your business life from your private life.

If you already have online accounts with a social networking site, create new ones specifically for your business. One wayward comment from a friend can put you in a bad light with your business audience. Remember, you are a trusted expert. Your reputation is everything. A good rule of thumb is not to post anything you wouldn’t tell your mother to her face.


The key to success is to attract people to you.

There is a right way and a wrong way to use social network marketing and being known, as a salesman isn’t one of them. Be real. Be yourself. Provide information, knowledge and guidance and people will be interested in you. Be a leader and you’ll attract followers.

If someone asks about your yoga business tell them, just be casual about it. You want to allow the conservation to happen naturally on there own terms. Let them chase you for information. It will help to keep them interested in you and coming back for more.

Do your job correctly and your audience will be your sales force by telling their friends all about you and your business.


Encourage your network to share with their network.

Viral is good. The more people that you have spreading your message the better. The fact that it’s coming form one of their peers is even better. It makes your message have move importance and weight. The three most important things to remember when creating a social network marketing campaign is to create content that provides value to who reads it, reward audience engagement and encourage others to pass it on.

Getting started can be real easy, just create an online promotion for your business. “Get a free yoga class with a copy of this tweet”. This type of promotion accomplishes two goals. One it encourages people to follow you in order to obtain future deals and secondly, it also allows the business to promote itself without any cost to you.

Another idea for would be to share information with your audience that you yourself find interesting. You could take an article from this site and share it with your audience. “I just read this interesting article on breathing exercises,, I will cover these techniques in my next class on Tuesday.” This is a great way to share information and keep yourself front and center in the minds of your audience.

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