My Family and Yoga



Whether you’re new to yoga or a veteran of the mat, sharing some yoga moves or a whole practice with your family can open new vistas. You’ll rediscover the fun and novelty of poses that may have become familiar at the same time that you’ll encourage and model healthy activity and family togetherness.  

If you’re new to yoga, sharing some of what you’re learning will not only cement your new abilities but may garner support for the healthy lifestyle changes you’re already embodying. Who knows, maybe you’ll have company on the mat next time!

Is yoga already a part of your routine and your fitness? What better way to show your love than to include your tribe in the very thing that keeps you balanced? You’ll share a part of yourself even as you invite them to discover and share themselves in unique ways.  

One of the things people often think prevents family yoga sessions is that yoga is serious business. While achieving a meditative state can be a quiet and solemn ritual, laughter and communication can lead to mind-body unity as much as candlelight and chanting. Consider gathering the family in a circle and inviting everyone to call out yoga poses for the whole family to do together. You can also make or buy a stack of yoga cards with poses on them to inspire your clan to bust some moves together. You can take turns adjusting one another - which can turn into a tickle fest - or play at giving kind verbal cues for how to adjust poses.  Who said laughter wasn’t a part of yoga?

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