Is Your Spirit Compatible With Your Business of Yoga



I was having an interesting conversation about this subject with a yoga business friend who also happens to own a yoga clothing and apparel company.

As yoga business women, as well as women who are deeply interested in transformation, personal growth, and spiritual evolution, we both wondered why a peculiar condition and concern exists in the business of yoga and other mind/body/energy practitioners. It goes something like this, but can have many variations on this theme:

“The generating of money or profit is synonymous with greed, evil, avarice and is aligned with the non-spiritual.”

So with that, we have a fundamental conundrum in the business of yoga.

How do we find our way around this conundrum so that we can be “ok” with earning money for a service that we provide people, a service that makes a profound difference in the lives of these people including ourselves?  One might even consider this perspective: The money you make is a way to measure how many people’s lives you have helped with your yoga business. 

From this author’s perspective, the conundrum presented here is causing an obvious block in the lives of some yoga buisness professionals. That is this: You can’t want to earn money and yet hate money all at the same time. Try having that attitude with a close personal relationship or loved one. Doesn’t work very well does it? “Honey I really want you around, but I secretly think you are bad and can’t stand you.

These are some concerns we’ve been hearing from yoga business professionals and instructors:

  1. I can’t make a living at teaching yoga.
  2. I’m exhausted trying to pursue a full-time yoga business.
  3. People don’t want to pay what these services are worth.
  4. I feel guilty about asking people to pay for this and don’t want to appear money-hungry or desperate in my yoga business.
  5. Focusing on money and the business of yoga in any way is what is wrong with this world.

These concerns, although understandable, reveals a gaping hole in our understanding of one thing: Our relationship with the neutral energy known as money. Just like a relationship with any loved one in our lives, we want to maintain a healthy relationship with money. Like any human relationship it can be dysfunctional; and those kind of relationships don’t go so well.

How is your relationship with money or with our yoga business for that matter? How do you relate to it? Have you thought much about that relationship? Is it just a necessary evil or do you have a healthy respect for it? Not worship. Respect. 

Do you respect and are you careful with the power of electricity? Electricity has the power to bring you an abundant quality of life and it also has the power to kill you. Money is similar to electricity in that it is simply a neutral current. Depending on how you use it, that’s what makes it brilliant or deadly.

If you find yourself judging money or the business of yoga in a less than positive light; if you find yourself resenting that you don’t have as much as you want or that you have to work so hard for it or that they have it and you don’t – you might want to just stop doing that – being so judgmental and resentful that is.

Money is not evil, nor is business. Having money above and beyond survival needs is also not evil. The more excess you have, the more you can help those who are less fortunate by growing your yoga business. 

It is the purity of spirit each of us brings to our yoga business or to the process of earning money through our yoga business that causes the results we get. Business, if conducted with integrity, non-judgmentalism, and following universal principles, can both produce profit and be a source for profound good in the world and more specifically in your communities. 

We can transform the energy of business starting with our own. First, we can become aware of and then eliminate any behaviors that betray a paradox of belief; “business of yoga -- or selling things to people -- is bad, but I want some”.

Second, we can recognize that our yoga business has very little to do with us and a whole lot to do with making a difference for others.

Third, we can continuously educate people on how it makes a difference for them and others. When we are focused on others, focused on providing solutions and making a difference while at the same time establishing sound, authentic, foundational, consistent business practices that cause our yoga business to thrive, then we can and will have a business that is completely compatible with spirit. Remember, if you can’t stay in the business of yoga due in part to disempowering thoughts or beliefs about business and money, you can’t make a difference for more and more people. In my perspective, its just that simple.


Renae Bechthold, a professional yoga business coach, owns Metro Yoga a business development company for yoga business professionals. She can be reached at 877.239.0340 or

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