How To Use Yoga Props: Yoga Blocks and Yoga Straps



As Yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar puts it- ‘The greatest form of communication is one that takes place within the body. That alone is the highest form of ethics.’ The million-dollar question is- how to sustain that ethical communication? How to keep this communication alive so that the body, mind and soul all three work together as a whole. Different stages of yoga are simply the steps towards achieving this ideal level of oneness of body and spirit. When a practitioner cannot achieve the desired results in Yoga independently, we try to help a student do that with the help of yoga props such as the yoga block and the yoga strap.

How To Use A Yoga Block:  Use 1
So how to get started with yoga props. Let’s start with the use of a yoga block. In a simple standing pose, if it is the hands you would like to work upon, then stand straight in Tada Asana or the Mountain Pose. Stretch out your arms placing the yoga block between your wrists holding the yoga block with the wrists. Slowly stretch your arms overhead and stay in this pose for a couple of minutes. This does wonder for your hands and your nerves around the palms. It is great if you sit for long hours in your office on a computer at your keyboard.

How To Use A Yoga Block:  Use 2
Another good use of the yoga block is again to strengthen the wrists. Stretch out your arms against the wall so that your fingers are placed on the floor. Place the yoga block between your forefingers and thumbs and stretch your legs out into the Dog Pose or Adhomukhasvana Asana.

How To Use A Yoga Block:  Use 3
A yoga block can also be used to straighten out your backbone, rather tailbone when you go up in the Bridge Pose or the Setubandha Asana. Lie down on a mat. Raise your butt off the floor to place the yoga block, vertically up, under your tailbone. Bend your legs at the knees. Adjust the yoga block. Stretch out your legs. Stretch your arms by the side.

How ToUse A Yoga Strap: Use 1
If the yoga block can have these benefits for hands and tailbone, the yoga strap can be good for opening up the pelvis and for various other uses, too. First of all, sit in the Cobbler Pose or Baddhakona Asana. Increase the loop end of the yoga strap and take it over your head and tighten it around your waist and feet together. Pull the other end of the yoga strap on the right side. So that the pelvis opens, knees are pushed further down to the floor and feet are pulled closer to the body.

How To Use A Yoga Strap: Use 2
The yoga strap is also used to do the Supta Padangustha Asana where the yoga strap is used to pull the toes closer to the torso. A good stretch of a leg can be achieved with the help of the yoga strap which is looped around the opposite raised toe.

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