How to Have Fun Doing the Business-ee Parts of Your Yoga Business



"What do you not like about having a yoga business?" I asked Susan.  "Oh, I really hate the marketing part and having to promote myself.  It feels so pushy and not genuine," she replied.  

"Anything else." I asked.  "Yes,  I really don't like doing the numbers, you know bookkeeping, tracking client numbers and all that stuff. It's tedious, boring and just exhausts me, so I usually just ignore it till the end of the year when I have to do my taxes."

What about you? Have you ever felt this way about your business? There are fun parts like teaching and there are those parts that you'd rather pull out your eyelashes than do.

Here's how to have more fun doing the business-ee parts of your business.  First though, I gotta tell you why it's important to have fun with these parts of your business or you will read this article still having your I-hate-business-but-Iove-teaching-yoga earphones on and you won't take any of the actions I am recommending.

This might surprise you. The emotion or feeling of FUN causes a thriving, expanding condition to be present in your business.  Everywhere in your business cycle that you extend the following emotions or thoughts, you also inject the opposite vibration to thriving which is contracting:  frustration;  I don't like this but I'll tolerate it; confusion;  unconsciousness acted out by ignoring; I shouldn't have to do this; this is stupid; resistance; I'm sure you can think of others you've experienced.  For your business to become stable, consistent and thriving you want to find ways to keep the energy and vibration high.  FUN has that kind of energy.  

Since the business-ee functions are absolutely necessary (unless you just have a hobby and don't really care that it generates money for your life) in order for your business to grow and become stable, look for ways to connect FUN-NESS to each of those functions that formerly you held your nose about.

I usually start by asking my clients what they want to experience out of life or what they want their experience of life to be.  So ask yourself that.  Jot a few things down on paper.  Now, what do you really want to be able to do if you had more stable clients or students and more money coming in?  One person I spoke with said he really wanted to be able to go to India for an entire month.  That was  a real passion for him.  This dream of going to India was so palpable, so real to him that once he connected that to everything he did for his yoga business those actions became easier, more fun in fact.  

You probably aren't that motivated by money, so just focusing on hitting financial goals and getting more clients won't really do it for you.  Those business-ee things might become an even greater burden to you.   The key is to recontextualize each of those functions that you hate or tolerate or that you would gladly admit are not fun for you.  But first, you must know why you are doing what you are doing.  It must come from your heart and be grounded into your emotional centers.  Pick some shorter term, tangible things you either want or want to do that would really excite you.  Or you can pick your higher motivation such as "I love making a difference for my community and that's why I am in business teaching yoga."

Now make a list of all those things in your business that aren't fun for you.  Be honest.  Beside each item write down something that could change your context it, or said another way, would reframe that item for you.

Let's say you have a burning desire to go to overseas and deepen your study on a particular matter or you want to attend a yoga retreat in an exotic country.  That's a great reason to want to grow and expand and stabilize your yoga business income.  It's a great reason on many dimensions.  Not only will that be fun and exciting for you, but you will come back a different, more experienced person with new knowledge and insight that will get passed on to your clients and students for their personal growth.

If looking up and tracking onto a spreadsheet your class statistics such as  counting number of new students, total visits, total income for the week is not fun for you, then connect it to this trip or event you want to take part in.  Remind yourself of this exciting, passion-filled reason every time you get ready to do one of your un-fun actions.  Here's another technique.  Instead of naming this statistical function and spreadsheet you need to work on as "Statistics or Performance Indicators" report, try renaming and re-visualizing it as your "Trip To The Ashram" report.  

Every time that you reframe and bridge something that is not fun with something that is fun and exciting you begin to lay down different thought vibrations and different habits of thinking.  Do this incrementally over time and I guarantee you pretty soon, those actions you found burdensome will actually take on a flavor or fun for you.

So why bother with this?  What difference will it really make?  For one, you will be happier and less grumpy.  The more happy you are, the more fun you are having, the more attractive and sticky your business becomes.  Just that alone can cause people to want to come to you and stay with you. Why?  Your business atmosphere is just so darn fun!

This might seem too simple or trite.  Well it’s the simple things we tend to overlook and it’s the simple, little things that tend to make all the difference in the world.  Besides, its easy to do.  What's your alternative? Resenting marketing, resenting selling, resenting managing your numbers and the money?  That just means you resent your business and no business will grow and stabilize where resentment is present even in the minutest amounts.  The activities of marketing, selling and managing your numbers are the life blood of a business if you want to call what you are doing a business or if you expect to make your living at it.  Without them and without effectively executing on them, it will be difficult to grow your business.  You may just need to gain skills and knowledge in how to market or sell in a way that is not pushy or manipulative or ingenuous.  It's not the what that is the problem;  it's the how.

Here's the best part.  As you gain more knowledge and deeper Universal insights around each of the key areas of your business, your perspective on them will transform.  Don't let your flightier, fear-based emotions rule the business.  Have FUN and look for ways to extend FUN into all that you do.  Here's one examples of FUN being extended into and from a yoga business:

Get a joke book and share weekly jokes (tasteful ones that can apply to a broad base of people) with your students.  I get a weekly email from a yoga studio and that weekly email always starts with a funny joke.  Even though I get a ton of emails each day, I consistently open her emails because I love to laugh.  So do your students.


Renae Bechthold, a professional yoga business coach, owns Metro Yoga—a business development company for yoga business professionals. She can be reached at 877.239.0340 or


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