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It takes more than just desire to have and operate a profitable yoga business. But desire is necessary. It takes more than a vision to have and operate a profitable and thriving yoga business. But vision is necessary. And, it takes more than just being a good teacher to have and operate a profitable yoga business.

The information found in this section will enlighten you and walk you through the elements involved in operating a thriving and profitable yoga business. When reading the word “profitable”, don’t get freaked out. Creating profit does not mean being ruthless, mean, manipulative, and money hungry. Here are a few surprising things to know about business profit:

  1. If your venture is not designed and set up to produce profit – you can’t call it a business. Maybe a hobby, but not a business. 
  2. For anything to grow and expand it must produce something that wasn’t there to begin with, something additional to what it started from, ie. “extra”. Therefore if you want your yoga business to grow and expand, it must produce profit – anything less is considered loss.
  3. Paying yourself does not comprise “profit”. Your wage is a business expenses. Profit is the resulting extra money above and beyond paying bills and wages (including yours) for teaching and running your company.
  4. If your business is not profitable, it cannot continue to, or make much of a difference for people. If your purpose in teaching is to help others, you will fail if you cannot continue running your yoga business.  

This information is both foundational and phenomenal. It is foundational, because it’s business basics. You can’t do the advanced stuff if you don’t know and consistently execute the basics. Phenomenal, because just taking action on the basics consistently, will net you extraordinary results with your yoga business. Phenomenal, because it will give you the wherewithal to help others consistently and for the long run.  

I am continually surprised at how many yoga business owners come to me really concerned about the amount of money they need to run their yoga business and how they are just not making enough. They are just not doing the most basic fundamental things it takes to make that money by having just their teaching skills.

This is what this section will be chock full of. I invite you to read, take notes, and take action. These actions will take you far in your yoga business ventures. If you’d like more support, I also invite you to give us a call at Metro Yoga, 1-877-239-0340, or visit our website at http://www.metroyoga.net.  We love helping yoga business owners and teachers in this field, and we have a lot of free services and yoga business products to help you.

Abundant Living: The Yoga Professionals Guide to Earning $100,000 a Year is a free 59-page downloadable guide that teaches you the fundamentals of starting and operating a successful yoga business. You will learn:

• The Concept of Profit
• The Physical Game VS Mental Game of Business
• How to Make an Inventory of your Skills
• How to Design a Yoga Business Plan for Success
• How to Market your Yoga Business and Attract New Clients
• How to Manage Your Cash Flow

To download your free copy, just click on this link, Yoga Business Guide.

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Said this on 4-6-2013 At 07:55 am
Wow, that's a rellay clever way of thinking about it!
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