Anusara Yoga

Yoga has evolved continually over the past few years and has witnessed a number of forms evolve over time. In fact, you might be surprised at the sheer number of options that are available today for a student to opt from and perhaps implement yoga in his life. Consequently, it is quite a popular form of fitness with millions of people around the world using it on a regular basis. One of the newer variations of yoga today is Anusara Yoga. This is a branch of yoga that was developed by John Friend in the year 1997. It continues to be one of the most popular forms of yoga to date, with people all over the world incorporating it as a part of their fitness routine.


Tracing the roots of Anusara Yoga

The basic principles that Anusara Yoga are founded on include the ones that are established in Hatha yoga. This is a form of yoga that places equal emphasis on physical fitness and mental awareness. For the people who have believed in Hatha yoga, Anusara is something that they might not really find very challenging. In fact, the modern principles practiced in this new form of yoga are something that everyone would want to be a part of and learn more about. Consequently, it has become important to understand these rudimentary aspects before you master it.

With Anusara Yoga, a higher level of emphasis is placed on appreciating oneself and being aware of innermost needs before you can actually attempt to attain a higher level of fitness. Consequently, it is something that you might really want to try out, especially if you are into alternate forms of fitness. The places where you can learn from about this kind of yoga are instructed to explain to the students about the three principles that are imperative to this form of yoga.


First Principle of Anusara Yoga - The right attitude

The attitude is described by the founder as something that is categorized as the driving force behind every single physical exercise, like the asana or the even the final expression in the asana. It is said to be the reason for ensuring that you are able to rekindle the divine feature within yourself as well as celebrate life for what it might be. When explained about, it makes Anusara Yoga feel like something of a refreshing exercise. Consequently, you might be amazed at what you might be capable of given the right attitude.


Second Principle of Anusara Yoga - Working on your alignment

The next thing that Anusara Yoga talks about is called as the alignment of the individual. This is another important aspect with this form of yoga and is crucial to be understood in order to completely master the form of yoga. By definition, this explains about how one has to be aware about the different aspects of the body and what its needs might be. Hence, by listening to your innermost requirements, it is possible that you will be able to attain a level of fitness that you have always dreamed about. The requirements are different and varied, and in many cases, you might have noticed that it might not be what you have presumed.

Every single part of the body, from the muscles to the joints, has a level of energy attached to them that needs to be tapped. There are different kinds of energy, like muscular energy, inner spiral and organic energy, all of which are taken into consideration when you are involved with Anusara Yoga. A good teacher will help you focus on these energies and learn how to convert them into something of use for you so that you can attain a higher degree of fitness and awareness.


Third Principle of Anusara Yoga – Action of your body

Action is the last principle that is spoken about in Anusara Yoga. This is something that your body can provide, and is claimed by the founder to be an internally available source of energy that helps provide both stability and free movement, of the mind and the body. With the right action, you can master anything that you set your heart on. Just like how some professional performers in their respective field are so good at what they do, you too can achieve that level by simply learning to practice in the right manner and setting out to achieve what you might have started.


Presence of Anusara Yoga around the world

This is a rapidly developing form of yoga that is gaining worldwide acceptance at a very fast pace. It has a presence in every single continent, except perhaps Antarctica! For those who want to learn more about Anusara Yoga and see if it is the kind of yoga that they would want to practice today, it isn’t really that hard. Hence, you just might be able to find a certified instructor in your neighborhood and have them teach you the principles that you might require in order to learn this form yoga.


Remaining positive

When you do join for the classes of Anusara Yoga, you might notice that the classes place a lot of emphasis on the fact that you have to stay positive and listen to your heart. With the belief that there is goodness inside all of us, this is a form of yoga that you would really like to be a part of your life. It is something that you might look up to for spiritual benefits and make it a part of your life in order to remain positive and stay focused in life.

When you adopt a fitness regime that is more than just about being physically fit, you will notice the benefits almost instantaneously. Hence, you might want to be choose the right thing properly and not just go in for something that you might not really be a big fan of. In many cases, you might have to try several out before you find the right one. With lesser stress on physical capabilities and more so on the fun factor of being fit, you will find that Anusara Yoga is actually a very appealing fitness routine, especially for those seeking spirituality and answers of the same.